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  1. Well, I have my eyes out for a 82/83 280zx Turbo w/ Manual. Im just going to go down the turbo route. It seems to barely be faster then my current ride. Going to keep out for something nice. I have found two online but ALMOST there. One is an automatic and the other is just a two seater. I could compromise on getting an automatic and swap it with a manual, but the wife would really discourage that and I might pay more going down that route instead of just waiting for the "perfect" one to come a long.
  2. So I am in the market. Currently primarily interested in getting an 81-83 280zx 2+2 manual. I was thinking turbo, because you know, its turbocharged! But I want one in good enough condition off the bat to be a daily driver. Then improve it and make it "newer" as I have time and money. Talking to some friends they said I should get an N/A because of these reasons 1.) Older turbo's have significant more lag and effectively "kick in" at a given RPM. 2.) When you leave a destination you need to idle to let the turbo warm up 3.) When you arrive at a destination you need to idle to let the turbo cool down Of which one could end up finding annoying to do for a DD. Would it really make a difference? The N/A seems to actually be pretty slow. I don't need fast, but I don't really want slower then my granny car. If N/A can make reasonable speed with a little work though, I'm all for that. Just looking for input on the differences between the two for daily driver drivability.
  3. Instead of thursday or friday, went today. Ahhh... It was like a family meeting looking at that car. Speaker wires everywhere, screws all up in the dash, it was sad. Craiglist ad was $3000, the sticker on the car said $1600. Get it for $1k, would make a nice restore as the thing had minimal rush spots. Just a few spots on the back and then a surface spot on the roof and hood.
  4. Ah, cool link. Im going to go look at a 83' Turbo Thursday or Friday. Looks good in pictures. Asking $3k for it. We shall see. That reserve on the black Datsun on ebay is $6,500. High?
  5. There is a local 81' 280zxt 2+2 that looks similar to this condition wise. Datsun : Z-Series Turbo in Datsun | eBay Motors decent bit of rust all over. Rear end, wheel wells, the body near the windshield trim. T-Tops don't leak. Apparently the local one runs though just fine. 100,000 miles on an automatic transmissions. The lady asked $1,800 and dropped it to $1,500 while I was looking at it. I told her no 3-Days later and she said that she can drop the price. Would it be worth it? Even to just have a beater until the body is gone and pull the motor? Or would something in this similar condition be worth restoring as in fix rust and repaint. Interior just needed new carpet, seats reupholstered and some armorial. Dash actually looked very good and they lady says all the electronics work. (Just need to charge the battery to verify)
  6. I think this guys reserve wasn't meant. What is something like this valued at? Last I saw his first auction it was at $5700 with less than a day left. Datsun : Z-Series Turbo in Datsun | eBay Motors Exactly what I am looking for other than it isn't 2+2. But I can ignore that if the price is right!
  7. Transmission and Rear End Gear Ratios So this shows that there are three different 5-Speeds from the 1979 to 1985 Datsun 720 pickup. Says that it bolts up to the L6 motors too. What I like is that one of the transmissions has the same gearing as the two-piece 4-Speed, but with a 5th gear. Any data on this transmission? What year and models it came on? Is it the same length of the two-piece 4-Speed? Build with it done? I want to keep an eye out for this transmission.
  8. Yep. got my mind set on 81-83' 280zx Turbo 2+2. Going to get one in some pretty decent condition so it can be a daily driver from the get go. I was surprised that the back sets will actually be fairly functional for young kids. I drive 95% of the time by myself, but that is an addition I always have to think about now having two kids. The interior is a bit different then the earlier Z's but I still very much like it. Seems more suitable for a DD. Been finding some nice looking cars, but Im sure I have to wait. Maybe this time next year I can seriously look around for something. I'm not too power hungry. Do the standard couple hour mods and get it intercooled. I have some friends who as Clarkson would say are all about the "POWRRRRRRRRRRRRR". It seems pushing the limits of the stock turbo doesn't require much, and doing some rough calculations, still makes it very quick accelerator. I just really hate driving the Buick. It gets good mileage, and that is about it. Maybe not that much slower than a stock 280zx, but its just so dang boring. I miss driving a manual. More then I thought I would. I'll keep pushing the wife though. Bout all I can do. The 81-83 are still priced reasonably, and I'd like to jump on one before these things go up up in price. I have noticed the at least with the 240z, but I also look at those, that they are getting pretty pricey over the past four years. Still want a 240z, but what I want to do, seems like it will be best suited for weekend duty.
  9. A lot of the stuff in Chinese poo. Mainly in the isles. Everything behind the counter should be OEM supplier or remanufactured parts. Same with anyone else. I don't see why a company in China would just so happen to make an alternator for some random Datsun. Or a radiator for some random saturn. There should be plenty left over from over manufacturing, wrecked cars and junked cars. If you are on your third alternator, maybe you have a larger electrical problem? Or just have bad luck with parts. My friend who is a big time Bimmer guy always buys the most expensive replacement parts. Yet he still had three water pumps go bad on him in just a few thousand miles.
  10. Im on Windows 8. MSE is no longer a standalone security feature, but now built into Windows Defender. The other day I was getting basically "Enter at your own risk" actually Google itself. You could easily get to the forum main page, but trying to branch out anywhere was a no go. So that should make out over-paranoid anti-virus. They have no active advertisements, so that is a no go. Not toolbars, or add-ons as my add-ons don't do that. Could be something on my PC which I highly doubt. If it is still on and off going, there might be something deep inside the forum somewhere. Could maybe even a virus on a picture, avatar or signature that was uploaded. Who knows. But I tend to not enter when that happens. Now if the site is completely clean, Hybridz needs to pick some beef with Google because Google is only hurting that community if they keep randomly giving a warning page to users wanting to explore that website. It isn't doing it now, but I should have drive it in IE and FF cause I was using Chrome.
  11. Yeah, the one in Benton. It was ok. Was hoping it would have been in a little nicer condition. Good bit of rust on it. It's a pass unfortunately. It's better that I wait anyways. Get something that is a little more that requires a little less work just to get going. I've been thinking it would be super nice to get a DD, and a 280ZX-T would be really nice. It was my first time actually looking at a 81-83 280ZX. Everything I have looked at have been 70's models until now. Doing CompSci Info Sec. Working at TVA just like everyone else in the CompSci and Engineering departments. Great programs if you want to work for TVA. Pretty much guarentee so long as you have the grades, which is only a 2.75GPA.
  12. Awesome! Thats the school I am attending now. Low and behold, found a 82' 280zx turbo for sale locally on another Datsun forum. Going to go look at it tomorrow. Potentially good price, so as long as their isn't too much wrong with it, and its automatic w/ low miles. I hope the wife lets me bite the bullet if its good enough. Way earlier then I thought, but I'd love to get in one now. Tide me over until a 240z build. Maybe resurrect one from the dead.
  13. Well after all these years, I am back. I used to have a 1970 240z running project car four years ago. My wife got pregnant and we were already tight on cash so I had to sadly sell it. I am now back into looking at Z cars. Hoping to be able to pick one up after I graduate in a year or so. I figured I would start getting myself reeducated for when the time comes. Start saving the pennies as well. What happened to all the nice threads that listed all the different types of heads, transmissions, differentials, and what fit what and what was required to make stuff fit? Because cars are still fairly plenty, just getting pricey, I'm thinking that I am going to pick up the engine, transmission and differential and put them in storage. They are little harder to find, so would be cool to have what I need when I have the car I want. I'm going to get eventually another 240z but less of a project car. Willing to pay the premium for a solid condition car. Ebay still has them floating around, as I am sure all the Datsun forums. All I know atm that I want to do is the L28ET swap with an LSD diff. This is what I originally wanted to do with my previous 240z. I always enjoyed the idea of turning the L24 into a little screamer though. Cam, l28d crank and tripple carb it. But the $$ seemed to always be hard to justify cause it would still be rough to get 200hp no? L28ET with just a tee tiny bit of work is 200hp. Just wanting to find out what transmission and LSD combo would work best. Also would like to get educated on the 3.0/3.1 L28ET strokers.
  14. How much can an E31 head go for?
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