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    Mostly stock 1976 280z. 240z front and rear bumpers. Front spoiler. Turn signal lights relocated to the brake duct holes in the air dam. 240z grille with extra inserts. White face gauges. Transplant engine from 79 280zx (stock intake used). Boiled and cleaned gas tank. NEW: fuel pump, starter, radiator, water pump, wheel cylinders, brake booster, master cylinder, Grant wood wheel, CD player, Speakers in stock location, NOS energy drink bottle, wheels that I've never seen on a Z, dash cover, stock AC (not working), stock automatic Jatco trans, outer tie rods, H4 headlights with relays

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  1. Whoa, so you get a single can from PPG, and you just pour it in the spray gun and spray? Same for the clear, just pour the can in and spray?? Seems easy... Does it need to be baked to cure etc?? paint is coming out looking great btw
  2. I replaced my stock one years ago with the "locking" BMW cap (which doesn't actually lock...). It fits fine, and the lock engages, but it doesn't stop the cap from being removed. So I guess the flap is kind of useless for me, as it has no chain... hopefully I still have the stocker somewhere, I usually keep everything
  3. I used the grey PVC shower liner (Oatey brand from Home Depot), it's flexible and doesn't hold any moisture, and is soft enough that it doesn't push the door open
  4. Looking really good.... the truck liner looks great, should protect it for the rest our lifetimes, at least! Painting is my favorite, all your hard work (or lack thereof...) comes together and gives you that finished look! As mentioned, I love the dark green Zs... can't wait to see it in the sun!
  5. Wow, that's really cool! Since you taught me a new word (neophyte), I'll share one with you: you're an autodidact like me! You going to put all the panels on and line them up before or after painting?
  6. Yes you're right, my bad... Now back to drooling at your project! Man, I'd love to be able to do that someday. Did you already know how to do all that restoration type stuff? Or learning as you go?
  7. I'd also like to know the specifics, and should I "ding" the hold inward a bit first? I'd like to not have to grind it down too much
  8. I've read that soldering them is the ideal solution, like plumbing solder, not the small electrical type. The metal is so thin on these I'd hate to ruin it.
  9. Thanks, good to know, I actually did wonder that. So that means the 280z emblem will cover all the "Datsun" holes I assume? I'd prefer to just fill the upper molding holes and leave the emblem ones, my 280z emblems just mount with mounting tape, not sure if some used pegs... should I weld em or fill em with filler? I heard welding might distort the thin metal...
  10. Ok, thanks. I have found an old used 240z one. Need to fill the molding holes. Hopefully this massaging will have a happy ending!
  11. Do the fenders have much adjustability? I need to put a new one on soon;
  12. I will definitely slowly read through the whole thread over this winter...
  13. Very nice... you going with an air dam, bumpers? chromed bumpers? 240z bumper? 280 bumpers? What grill? Sorry, too many pages to read thru them all
  14. Yes, you're correct about the POR process, have to use special primer etc... it's more for frames and stuff... Nice, dark green is my favorite color on the S30s ( I might be a little biased...) You doing a metallic flake paint, 2 stage or 1? I've spray painted 2 junker cars flat black in my life... takes 15 cans to do an S10 truck... and man were my fingers tired... (all of them)...
  15. It is possible to paint over POR-15, just as an FYI. It's not supposed to be exposed to UV rays. Is your car not going to be green , like in the signature?
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