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    Mostly stock 1976 280z. 240z front and rear bumpers. Front spoiler. Turn signal lights relocated to the brake duct holes in the air dam. 240z grille with extra inserts. White face gauges. Transplant engine from 79 280zx (stock intake used). Boiled and cleaned gas tank. NEW: fuel pump, starter, radiator, water pump, wheel cylinders, brake booster, master cylinder, Grant wood wheel, CD player, Speakers in stock location, NOS energy drink bottle, wheels that I've never seen on a Z, dash cover, stock AC (not working), stock automatic Jatco trans, outer tie rods, H4 headlights with relays

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  1. Ok, I've always wondered about licensing etc. I make art too and can appreciate that you did the right thing, I'm sure you could have just found an image and printed it. Good job though, and I can appreciate those individual touches. I always assumed it was super expensive, which is why people steal images and use them illegally, but it sounds like it depends on the situation and application.
  2. You said you "purchased the rights" to that flag under your hood? How does that work??
  3. Looking good! Getting real close now! Once you see that whole body painted, you'll be anxious to finish, especially after what, 4 years??? Wow.
  4. Saw the Michael Douglas movie "Falling Down" , there's a 240z in the parking lot of the burger joint that he goes into
  5. Thanks! I'm hoping to get them to market soon! Horror Trikes FB page Horror Trikes HQ
  6. Wow, just looked at carpartsmanual.com, that's a great resource! It has pretty much ever part
  7. Wow, do we have a list somewhere of part numbers and what they are?
  8. Thanks! Here are a few pics of the other prototypes I have. I think the lighting really adds to it!
  9. Yes, many possiblities! The zombie is a good one... I've already put ghosts and clowns on other ones. The motor seems pretty stout, I think the connection to the wheel is the weak point. I made one of those big wagons like this too, which is about 30 pounds. Yes, just one works fine. But it wouldn't bee too hard to get both to spin.
  10. My other passion is Halloween and all things spooky and artistic. So I spend most of this year making these RC controlled tricycles. I did all the legally required stuff (patent, TM, etc.) Hopefully I can begin to get them to market this year. I was thinking you could even put a cooler of beer in one of the wagons and drive it around like a tailgate haha. I am grateful for any feedback, advice, critique, etc. I have 13 prototypes at the moment. And yes, I basically invented them and figured out how to do it. Which is a skill I learned by working on cars! RC Tricycles (Horror Trikes)
  11. Haha that's why I always try to have an empty gatorade bottle on hand...
  12. Were those holes already existing, and you just added the elbow? Great idea and mod!
  13. NIce... looking great! What did you use for those seals? looks like 2 types. So this last pic shows that you need them on both the long lip and the "raised sections"?
  14. Ah ok. I wondered about the baking because I've heard if you don't bake it, you need to wait about 6 months for the paint to fully cure before waxing it. They do make special "wax/sealant" for newer paints though, but I like to keep that paint waxed and protected.
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