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    Mostly stock 1976 280z. 240z front and rear bumpers. Front spoiler. Turn signal lights relocated to the brake duct holes in the air dam. 240z grille with extra inserts. White face gauges. Transplant engine from 79 280zx (stock intake used). Boiled and cleaned gas tank. NEW: fuel pump, starter, radiator, water pump, wheel cylinders, brake booster, master cylinder, Grant wood wheel, CD player, Speakers in stock location, NOS energy drink bottle, wheels that I've never seen on a Z, dash cover, stock AC (not working), stock automatic Jatco trans, outer tie rods, H4 headlights with relays

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  1. I have those same sticker emblems on my center caps!
  2. I would, but I don't think it's for sale. Just a random sighting from reddit. Pretty cool though!
  3. Think this is authentic? Any idea on value?
  4. Wow, now that is some attention to detail! So clean
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought having those "mini air filter" breathers is bad? (vs having them routed somewhere via hose)
  6. Haha. I took it twice and basically all I recall is that hot always goes to cold. Like if you open the door in the winter, you're letting the hot air out, but in the summer, you'd be letting the hot air in. Aaaaand I'll just leave this equation here for anyone who likes to make their brains hurt....
  7. He does have that look in his eye... of LEAVE ME ALONE. WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME?!?!
  8. Somehow I finished my engineering degree. Lots of problems like that. Sometimes you just have to write stuff down, so it looks like you have a clue. I liked Thermodynamics so much I took it twice. The degree hasn't paid off for me, wish I would've majored in something else, or forgone college altogether. Student loan debt is a killer...
  9. Asking for a friend I might help. He has a broken quarter window on a 200something Explorer. He has a replacement window, but it doesn't have the "channel" with the studs, its just glass. Are you supposed to reuse the old one, and how would you get it onto the glass? Link to one that does have the "channel": https://www.ebay.com/itm/95-01-Ford-Explorer-Sport-Trac-Rear-Quarter-Vent-Window-Glass-RH-Pass-w-Hinge/283490023391?fits=Model%3AExplorer|Make%3AFord&hash=item42015277df:g:AwQAAOSw1aRc4XSC Thanks
  10. Haha it's funny how many small towns prob. have the same name in different states. You don't find many around here for sale either, we salt the heck out of the roads. Even mine has small holes in the floor, and it's considered pretty good!
  11. This isn't mine, I just regularly look for Z's in my area. Not sure if the price is good or not, but might be worth it for someone in the area to check out! https://omaha.craigslist.org/cto/d/elkhorn-1972-datsun-240z/6900424407.html
  12. Cool, good luck. All I did was buy the rear mounts from someone for I think $50, the ones on the back of the car, and the side holes lined up and worked without anything else. The front ones I just rigged with pieces of metal (not pretty) and the front sides also lined up fine. I did have to notch the front bumper in the middle, to make it a little wider, as it wasn't wide enough? Not sure why. You'll love it without the huge bumpers! And the weight savings
  13. I think even the stock 280z bumpers are too low, most modern cars would go right over the bumper and into your tail panel.. and if it's any kind of truck, van, or SUV.... you can imagine how well those bumpers line up
  14. I've read some people have used magnets, those super strong Neo magnets. You'd have to glue them to the spoiler somehow, not exactly sure how, but it's another option that doesn't require drilling, and could be easily removed whenever you like. You'd have to make sure it's strong enough to not fly off at 70 mph. But some of those Neo magnets are pretty darn strong nowadays!
  15. I was able to use the existing hole on the side to thread a screw into the side of the 240z bumper. It's a 76 280z. It's hard to get started, but it works fine. I also put a small piece of vinyl in there to prevent scratching. HTH
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