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  1. Hi, Looking for a contact in Miami willing to help for a car transaction. 1) Get in touch with seller 2) Inspect/Drive the car and if good enough, finalize transaction in cash Will be payback the car straight away and organise pick up by myself. Please contact me in PM for further details I am willing to do this fast and to pay for the service Thanks for support Seb
  2. Hi, Digging an old one... Need 1 x 40343 P6700 = Silver/White Got 2 x Blue resin/white Z letter for trade Of course these are discontinued...as nismopart.com So, just in case...
  3. I have 2 like these Blue/WhiteZletter... Looking for 1 Silver/White to complete my set
  4. Solved!!! 1 of the Hazard fuse holder was corroded on the outside and inner side...generating bad continuity. After cleaning...i activate hazard switch that worked fine and battery indicator stayed still! Thanks for the support and big up for Steve! Culprit:
  5. Solved!!! 1 of the Hazard fuse holder was corroded on the outside and inner side...generating bad continuity. After cleaning...i activate hazard switch that worked fine and battery indicator stayed still! Thanks for the support and big up for Steve! Culprit:
  6. Hi! Back on this one...had to fix other issues! New hazard flasher installed at right location were he will get 11-12V and not the 13-14V that blinker/turn signal flasher gets. After a ride and engines still ON, i activate Hazard switch. Battery indicator stays around 16V. Green arrow are working. I go out, warning light are working. Go back in the car, no anymore green arrow and battery indicator at 0V. Engines still ON. All happen within 20 seconds. Now everytime i activate hazard switch battery goes to 0V and when i desactivate hazard switch, battery indicator comes back to its origin. Still cannot understand the connection between the 2 wiring diagrams. Any help/idea still welcome. Hazard switch ordered and ruined after testing...35$!!!
  7. My hazard and turn signal flashers were inverted. if turn signal is working OK in both position, hazard flasher does not! with dead hazard flasher is correct position, the hazard does not work, and the battery indicator goes from 0V to 12V depending if i activate hazard switch or not. new hazard flasher upon order On my 77Z, the turn signal flasher is located above your right foot, above the throttle pedal. And hazard flasher is near rheostat for illumination Believe a new hazard flasher in correct position will fix it all! Will keep you posted Seb
  8. Hello guys... Recently i got interested in fixing my hazard issue. This one was also bringing to "0" my battery indicator...mmmh! I swap the hazard flasher i had for monthes...hazard signal worked for 20 seconds then....no more, battery indicator back to "0". I removed central console to check connectors and confirm that hazard switch was OK (conductivity test positive) Reading my 77 Z FSM i learnt that: Flasher turn signal connected to green/yellow and white wire. I measured 13,5V with engine running at 900rpm. Location: above throttle pedal. Flasher for hazard is connected to green/blue wire and red/white wire. I measured 11,7V in same conditions. Location: behind rheostat for illumination. You know what? My hazard flasher was not at the right place. And guess that he didn't like the 13,5V that turn signal flasher can stand. I screw the old and new one this way. It is to note that my turn signal were working with flasher in both position...unless when hazard switch was activated :) Now i need to get a new hazard flasher and guess it would be right! Will keep you posted! Seb
  9. Okaaaay, excuse my french! :) There are 2, 1 for turn signal above your left knee on driver seat. Another above your right foot, right above the throttle pedal...almost broke my back to find this studip one...I got it replace but not tested yet. Any guess for the battery indicator??? Or this could also come from the dead hazard flasher
  10. Thanks Mark! Just to be sure what i call "hazard relay" is your "hazard flasher". Right?
  11. 77 Z Since i own my car, i saw from time to time battery indicator going down to "zero" and coming back alone above 12V. This while driving. But i was able to observe following routine: I enter in the car, Indicator shows 12V Put key and turn ignition to "ON" position and then...bye bye! Indicator shows "0" I would drive few miles then notice suddenly that it indicating 12V again. Engine still on i've been trying to activate different instruments to see if they were having an effect on battery indicator value. The only 2 that have effects are: - ventilation: if i activate the fan, indicator goes to "0" and then the indicator will never come back to 12V until i stop the car. Even if i stop the fan. - hazard switch: which is not working...Same effect, indicator goes to "0" and will never come back during the ride. Funnier, when hazard switch is "ON", blinkers are not working....when i put hazard back on "OFF" blinkers work back again. Should be hazard relay OR cooling fluid leak on central console connectors (under checking) Hope there is no similar post somewhere i did not find! Any ideas welcome! Seb PS: any method to test a hazard relay?
  12. that's my guy!!! 30 bucks to ship 14$ of screws...i hope he will accept to ship to a friend of mine in Philly seller = the-z-connection
  13. Found the guy on ebay! Mainky OEM parts https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Datsun-Interior-Door-Handle-Escutcheon-Screw-Set-of-2-240Z-260Z-280Z-OEM-NEW/233306897817?hash=item36522cbd99:g:UW8AAOSw5ItbLTLz But shipping through ebay program is killing me! 30 buck to ship 12 injector screw....com'oooooon! Screw source? I buy!!!
  14. FJ707 on rockauto at fair price connectors on ebay https://www.ebay.fr/itm/182467139699 Thanks! But i still don't know exactly what happened. I did not touch injector 1...and i recover power!!!
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