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  1. 77 Z Since i own my car, i saw from time to time battery indicator going down to "zero" and coming back alone above 12V. This while driving. But i was able to observe following routine: I enter in the car, Indicator shows 12V Put key and turn ignition to "ON" position and then...bye bye! Indicator shows "0" I would drive few miles then notice suddenly that it indicating 12V again. Engine still on i've been trying to activate different instruments to see if they were having an effect on battery indicator value. The only 2 that have effects are: - ventilation: if i activate the fan, indicator goes to "0" and then the indicator will never come back to 12V until i stop the car. Even if i stop the fan. - hazard switch: which is not working...Same effect, indicator goes to "0" and will never come back during the ride. Funnier, when hazard switch is "ON", blinkers are not working....when i put hazard back on "OFF" blinkers work back again. Should be hazard relay OR cooling fluid leak on central console connectors (under checking) Hope there is no similar post somewhere i did not find! Any ideas welcome! Seb PS: any method to test a hazard relay?
  2. that's my guy!!! 30 bucks to ship 14$ of screws...i hope he will accept to ship to a friend of mine in Philly seller = the-z-connection
  3. Found the guy on ebay! Mainky OEM parts https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Datsun-Interior-Door-Handle-Escutcheon-Screw-Set-of-2-240Z-260Z-280Z-OEM-NEW/233306897817?hash=item36522cbd99:g:UW8AAOSw5ItbLTLz But shipping through ebay program is killing me! 30 buck to ship 12 injector screw....com'oooooon! Screw source? I buy!!!
  4. FJ707 on rockauto at fair price connectors on ebay https://www.ebay.fr/itm/182467139699 Thanks! But i still don't know exactly what happened. I did not touch injector 1...and i recover power!!!
  5. today i played with my injectors, at least the connectors of injectors 5 et 6. Quite corroded...contact cleaner used. Then i suddenly preferred to try to start the engine....who did start!!! I don't get everything right now, i wish somebody would share is point of view When engine did not start i had connectivity results as below 3A - Cylindre 4 - 11,5V 3B - Cylindre 1 - 0V 3C - Cylindre 5 - 11,5V 3D - Cylindre 6 - 12,35V 3E - Cylindre 3 - 12,35V 3F - Cylindre 2 - 0,5V Now that engine is starting is measure: 3A - Cylindre 4 - 12.7V 3B - Cylindre 1 - 12.7V 3C - Cylindre 5 - 12.7V 3D - Cylindre 6 - 12.7V 3E - Cylindre 3 - 12.7V 3F - Cylindre 2 - 2V I couldn't hear injector 2 work...2V might not be enough. I am not sure if he's getting enough problem OR if the problem is teh injector I believe injector 3 is working, sound is lower, or the sound come's from nearby injector. Injector 1/4/5/6 are giving a clear and equivalent sound. I am about to order some new injectors and connectors if they can be found. But i am not sure the engine will start tomorrow!!!
  6. Part II of continuity test with volmeter: 1) "revolution trigger signal" -> doit correspondre au rotor de l''allumage: test OK/ 12,3V 2) "Power line circuit" -> test OK / 13,4V 3) "Injector & dropping resistor" 3A - Cylindre 4 - 11,5V 3B - Cylindre 1 - 0V 3C - Cylindre 5 - 11,5V 3D - Cylindre 6 - 12,35V 3E - Cylindre 3 - 12,35V 3F - Cylindre 2 - 0,5V So, something wrong on Cylinder 1 & 2. Have to check infector and dropping resistance. Will conduct these test on Wednesday and let you know. I am moving slow.... Part III of continuity test requires to disconnect "S" terminal of starter...Can somebody tell me what terminal this is??? 1 single wire connected to "S" terminal or several? Thanks
  7. Today Change of all the sparkplug Test continuity 2 using voltmeter as per FSM 2)1) Revolution trigger signal: OK 12,3V 2)2) Power line circuit: OK 12,36V 3) Injectors & dropping resistor 3A cylinder 4 = OK 11,5V 3B cylinder 1 = NOK 0V 3C cylinder 5 = 11,5V 3D cylinder 6 = Ok 12,36V 3E cylinder 3 = OK 12,35V 3F cylinder 2 = NOK 0,5V If i understand correctly, i have injector 1 & 2 are in trouble. What i don't know from is test is that: aren't they getting power OR are they dead?
  8. By the way, with ingnition key on "ON" position, i do not hear anymore the "click, click, click..." sound before staring the engine What's this sound related to? EFI relay? I've changed the 4 fusible link on the main bracket relay near the battery. But going out from the "+" wire of the battery there are some connectors i do not know the use yet.
  9. Thank you guys! @siteunseen: sparkplugs are 8 monthes old. @superlen: I see thermotime and temp sensor are looking the same. But shop owner did not touch anything. He just notice engine was running on 5 cylinders. Told me 1 injector might not work. @Dave WM: spark test to be done tonight. Plug wire set has been installed brand new in 2017. New plugs in January. This is last intervention on plugs. Since then, 200-300 miles on it. WIll check plugs condition tonight and if there's a spark. Also done 8 month earlier: fuel pressure regulator change. I also know my auxiliary air regulator to be dead (cold start in winter need accelerator support for idle till engien is hot) Tested last night: fuel pump is OK with following test: ingintion "key ON" + AFM flap actuated manually = "bzzzz" :) Will let you know about tonight tests.
  10. Hi Engine cranks but not start. This 3 days after collecting the car at the garage for wheel/tire change. Guy told me "engine is running on 5 cylinders". Did not notice, but remember now 8 monthes ago that another garage owner change the sparkplugs...may be one was brand new but dead. Car went fine even if driven less than 200 miles or so. Could a dead sparkplug flood the engine with fuel with time? A possibility to explain why not starting anymore??? Anyway, did the continuity test and here are the results: Except for the water temperature sensor, everything's seems OK. Anyone has a concern regarding these results? Anyone got the bright idea to collect these data on a well running Z? Thanks for the support
  11. Hi, Got my Z with XXR 002.5 15/8 and ET0 & 215/60 tires. Happy. But front center caps wont fit as a 0,8in overheight going out of the wheel. Did anybody find a suitable center cap out there? Thanks Seb
  12. Red Wine Metallic 77 Z.

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