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  1. The man said he put a tarp over it and that's what kept the moister in and caused so much rust. We do have free towing though
  2. Thanks for the input. The fender was fairly bad but I did not get a photo of it and the floor pans were in good shape. I also forgot to mention it has been sitting for 10 years.
  3. That's what I fear. I would be having a family friend do most of the work since I have no garage to keep it in.
  4. I'm trying to make my first z purchase but don't know if it is too rusted. Take a look at the pics and give me your opinion. It is a 1978 280z with a great interior and complete engine and transmission for $800
  5. I understand that this will be a fairly biased question for this forum but I would love to hear the discussion. With the current Toyota/Subaru/Scion FT-86 or whatever name they pick coming out and the possibility of Nissan reviving the Datsun brand and coming out with a new version of our beloved fairlady, what car would you pick? Since this is a hypothetical situation what would the new Datsun have to be to win you over? That 86 looks great and could use some good competition.
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