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  1. Is there a place or publication that I could look for that has an exploded view of a 280Z body ? I'm interested in the disassembly of the front of a 280Z ? I have a 1975 Factory service manual, but it doesn't give you a disassembly sort of view or illustration ?
  2. Well I've been reading about this item, and I don't understand that the windshield and the doors are the same with either a coupe or the 2+2, but Datsun added 11.9" just aft or the door to accommodate the rear seat ? But many of the z suppliers list it as 2 types ?
  3. What is the difference between the front windshield gasket between a regular coupe and a 2+2 sedan ? I can see the rear hatch, but the windshield on both the coupe and the 2+2 version, they look the same ? and is there any real difference from a windshield of a 1970 or a 1978 ?
  4. I'm winding down on this years work on my 75 280Z and my one job is installing new gauges in the dashboard, and I'm looking for recommendations for a shop in PA or NJ around the PHILA metro area 40-50 miles either side of the Delaware river. Thank you,
  5. Hay Thanks cgsheen1,, I was gone for the last few days, I got a chance to get some time in an old Bell 47g and it was better than I expected. New and modern is great, but there is nothing compare to a open cockpit 54year old Bell helicopter, no doors, no bell or chimes, just you and the machine. I sent my gauges out for cleaning, maintenance and a calibration. I'm going to need to locate a locale Z club and maybe a shop who can do the semi dash removal and install my new restored gauges. I suffered a back injury 13 years ago, and there's no way I can work the dash out far enough to remove the gauges on my own. This This is the last item on my list for this 280Z. I've done a number or things like removing and having my locale upholstery shop who striped and installed new foam and I was able to find a Vinyl material manufacturer and got a yard of material damn close to the worn out spot on the drivers seat and you would be very surprised how well the whole job finished. It is the seat below and the side left bolster section that was replaced, pretty good for a 47 year seat fabric ? And on my trip down south, I gave a lot of thought to s 5 speed swap from the 4 speed, and the benefits from the swap are truly marginal all things considered. If it were a complete change of gears and ratios, and that is really bordering on the semi-impossible and the gain is marginal. The only thing other than that is I need to give it a major tune-up. I did the valves earlier this years, but a complete change of plugs wires and timing check is in order. It is a early built 1975 280Z and it has no rust at all, that alone is remarkable on it's own. Here's the resewn driver seat I install last April.
  6. Wow, what is wrong with LED's I know they draw a lot less current, but why would that be a problem ? 🤥
  7. Yeah, I found a clutch kit on RockAuto and it is a kit that is meant for the larger 240mm clutch. Sure is lucky with RockAuto and thankfully most everything is affordable. 🙂
  8. Hay, These are different, but will they fit into the small lens that is inside the different gauges ? On my fuel gauge, once you remove the bulb is a small green lens it looks to me, But they are very different than most everything I'm finding ? Thank you,
  9. Ok, I've never worked on a 280Z so I'm feeling my way through the list of issues I have in front of me. Just not too sure that LED's are the right way to go, but. . . . Thank you for your help !
  10. Great, Is there a better or brighter bulb for the Toshiba 12V 3.4 watt gauge light bulbs ? If I go LED the bulbs won't be brightness adjustable ?
  11. Well I've been looking at a number of different Datsun/Nissan Clutch kit sites on the net, and it would seem the 1975 2+2 models have a 240mm flywheel, and since this car is very original and not hammered, I'm going to just get the flywheel turned. I live in something or an 'Automotive Service Desert' so anything more complicated than basic things, you have to look at getting it flat bedded to where the hell ever it needs to go. I'm not in a place that can do things, so I have to use my usual guy and he can do a clutch, and there is a Machine shop here.
  12. Hi All, I need to put a clutch in my 75 280Z and I was a little confused by all the clutch kits out there for this very early production 1975 model. It looks like it takes a 9 1/2" by a 1.24" clutch, since it is a 4 seater, and with the very inevitable switch from a 4 speed to a FS5W71B 5 speed transmission, will the OEM clutch Kit for this 4 speed by adequate for a 5 speed ? Thank you,
  13. Well the A/C is working and fuel tank is back in and again, all system up and running, but now the straw that broke the camels back so to speak, I need to replace the speedometer, and the other two gauge pods. What is the best way to remove the dashboard and replace the gauge pods and speedometer ?
  14. Well I don't know where they were, but I put them back as best my memory serves ? We put the tank in and the new sending unit for the gauge. The low fuel light was on, and that was with the 4.5 gallons of fuel I bought just after the tank was in, and then today I put another 9.3 gallons of Premo 91, so that is 31+ gallons and with that the 'low fuel' light went out, but it only reads about 1/4 tank. So I need to change the gauge and now the speedo isn't working. The trip-o-meter works, but that's no real help. But I got it out on the road and running about even on the expressway and I got to say, this 4 speed "Sucks Big Time" this car came with the 4 speed, but you run out of transmission long before you run low on engine, I wonder if I can put a 5 speed in this 1975 2+2 ? and I need to do a good tune-up, it runs nice at speed, but it has a very slight wobble at idle ?
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