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  1. Jerry, do you still have the 240z Xenon air dam for sale? I would be very interested in purchasing it from you. Thanks Jesse
  2. I totally forgot that I'm one of the 8 to pre-order. It's been so long, I forgot all about them.
  3. Shiin

    Hella H4s

    There are a lot of companies that make the H4 conversion out there, but the problem is if you want to meet legal requirments. Companies such as autopal make headlight that meet european requirement as well as DOT. I have the autopal H4 conversion in and they go in fine using the stock components to the headlight assembly. I argee with using another bulb such as the Narva bulb. I have some laser white lights that I picked up at a local turners shop that are 60/55W and are slightly brighter then the 100/90W sealed beams. If you do choice a bulb that is higher then the 60/55W you will have to upgrade the wiring to the light to prevent electrical failure. This would require 2 automotive relays and a waterproof fuse w/case as well as heavier guage wire. keep in mind that the stock lights to the Zed is 7" or 178mm.
  4. Where are you located. I might know of a guys willing to sell it, but I don't know how much your willing to pay for it. I'll ask and if it is within reasonable price I'll get it for you pay for the parts + shipping. I'll try to get the pics of it up tomarrow.
  5. Shiin

    350Z cabrio

    Norcal Z the convertable will be out around March or May they will run into the price range of about 40,000 when it releases. At least that is what I've been told by some Nissan Division reps.
  6. Shiin

    Buy a 240?

    First of all welcome to the forum. Next you can choose may different z's, since most of the parts are interchangeable, you have a great deal of mods to choose from. In some ways people choose a 73 or younger in the US to avoid the hassel of smogging it. Check your local laws for smogging requirements. If you choose to use it on the street make sure it can pass smog, or there are ways around it, some illegal. The Z's can be up graded with almost any Z or ZX motor out there and still be smog legal. The flaw that the 73 240z has is the carbs. the Carbs(flat tops) seem to have more problem and are said to be power robbers. Most people switch thoughs over with 72 or younger cars(round tops). Goods and bads go with the car. I have a 73 and really don't no what all the fuss is with the carbs, but I'm no too picking since I'm in the process of a 280zx turbo motor swap. Hot engines are really up in arms. some people say go for a v8 swap, some say efi, others go turbo, use 70-72 carbs and do a build up of the motor, or stay stock. the choice is yours. V8 have alot of power potential and very simple but costly to install. however you will be offseting the weight distribution putting more wieght on the front. EFI is for a newer updated version and in my opinion is more consistant and also trouble some(only an opinion). Turbo is fun but power is made more or less after 3000rpms (if you're use to power spike from a turbo then you'll be fine, but some time the tail can get away from you) Using the 70-72(round top) carbs can have great benifits staying stock won't give you many differences in HP, but great for restorations. With the Z cars the options are almost endless because you can pick and choose parts from other Z cars that work great and use them with less effort and fairly easy modding. If you have a 73 240z use it. If you want a 280z motor it will easily fit and you can bore thoughs motors out to about 3.1 liters instead of 2.8. Honest opintion is to read up see what people view are with different set-up and find out how well they run. I though I was just doing to do a motor build up, but when I found out you can do so much or I freaked out. A lot of companies and online shops carry parts for Z and a lot of different set-up on a Z-car have been done. So now it's up to you to find what your into.
  7. I recieve this windshield from a friend and had no use of it so he gave it to me to sell for him. This is a brand new windshield in the original Nissan box. Only opened to check if it was damaged during shipping. Looking for a local buyer to pick up. Shipping is a bit iffy because the last one he shipped was damaged upon dilivery to the buyer, so he recommends a local buyer. He's looking to get at $240, but the price is negotiable. Let me know if anyone is interested in this. I'll look into shipping if possible.
  8. :sleepy: bump:cry: Probably taking the intercooler off the market so the carbs are still for sale. You can as about the I/C if you want.
  9. Can't see the images Would like to see them
  10. Thanks for the complements guys, but to tell you the truth, no one has made an offer on them. I just have to sit and wait until someone wants them.
  11. Still looking to get these parts out of my garge and making was for a few more part to arrive. Asking $100obo for the carbs. And $65obo for the intercooler.
  12. To some the cabin feels cramped, the seats feel narrow and there's not much room to store things, But in my option it in a way feels like sitting in a 240z again. The narrow seats hug the body tightly(I'm a pretty big kid and it feel fine in it) allowing more stable postioning durning hard corners (Trust me I know). In the matter of cup holders it clear that there are actually 3 cup holders(one where the usual dash is and two in the center console. The navagational computer uses a DVD-ROM and navagational DVD, sadly enough we couldn't play any DVD movies in the car(don't know if you really can or can't) The looks can be improve like the short nose and rear, but talks of next year is to bring in a convertable in and possibly a turbo version in a year or two. The ride in the car is great. The drive by wire along with traction control ruins the fun of the car, the delayed reaction in acceleration with traction control on is very dissapointing, but great when off. 350z that come with a shift light built in the tach(manual only) can be adjusted from about 3000rpm to 6500+rpm, eliminating the need for a bulky shift light. With base models going in the range of 26,000 of base(no automatic available), 28,000 for enthusiast, 31-35000 for touring, and look for the track version to hit about $36,000+. Many dealers are on strictly look don't touch attitudes on the 350z giving driving access a rare thing. As far as weight they are around 3,800 pounds with the aluminum suspention part carbon fiber wrapped driveshaft. Dont' look for the glove box in it usual place, the glove box is now located behind the passanger seat. The only way the drive has access to this compartment is to a) have the passanger step out for a second and have then pull the seat forward or have no passanger and pull the handle up on the back of the passanger seat(locted in the center of the seat.) Actually Nissan opted to go with the V6 used in the entire line of nissan cars, trucks, and SUV's. This elimated the high cost of rare or uncommon parts. We have seen guys larger then 6 feet fit in the car, personal preference come into play here, some say you sit to low to the ground that way, some say you feel as if you are really close the the pedals and some people like that kind of feeling, but being 5'6" I don't feel as if I have to sit really close to the wheel. Thanks for listening to my ramblings us corse you will have different felling about the car as you do, but once you see it up close and personal some fellings just leave once you drive. -Shiin
  13. I have two things I'm think of selling, but I don't know how much to get for them. 1)72 240z carbs condition unknown, was pulled from a running totalled car about a year ago and have been sitting ever since. Were in good shape when pulled. They look good. I also have an intercooler from a volvo. Don't know what year or what model it came from. It has plastic sides. I have pics of both. Any help on what these are worth would be great! Pictures of Parts -Shiin
  14. Actually per-productions are given a different VIN# not beginning with the correct number. For example the new 350Z located at Tracy Nissan has the VIN#1000177(I think, But im sure it ends with 10001XX) Per-production models are labeled with the last 6 of the VIN with a number higher then the one production. Also the long numers on a vin each stand for something like the begining VIN on a Nissan that goes "JN3BC" example of a maxima Lettering code:J= where it's made "Japan" N= Make "Nissan 3= year "2003" B+C= model type "GXE or GX" I a Nissan parts book it statest the first 1 in "10001XX" is the beginning of the production make. This might clear up why the 00001 will not be right hand drive
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