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    71 (4/71) Orange, but Org. Safari Gold with American Racing Wheels. It was running restoration; I put the engine to sleep and started the tear down for restoration. She is to replace my totaled 72 (10/71). Restoring to Original condition, but adding a front spook BRE, and side strips like it was from the dealer, and restoring the nerf bars. Then adding a vintage supersprint exhaust,the JDM headlight covers that were given as a gift to the original owner (need new ones they were damaged and thrown out in 74), and the Amco steel door kickplates (I had these on my original Z and loved them).

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  1. Gav240z search a post I did if you need to replace the cable that raises the mast. I figured out how to use trimmer string to make a replacement
  2. If you can please remember me, or if I sent you the dash to do it like factort. I'd like to install myself but I understand. I also be think dyi c I old cut to size.
  3. So would you sell me one with the extra material?
  4. Bob, Tarriff charges are normally included
  5. I'd go that route and cut it. it is my fault if I cut too much off. I'd use the old dash pad as reference.
  6. Bob , My complaint is I wanted it to have material to wrap around the frame like originally done. If it had that I would have bought it.
  7. Interestingly I just went out to take a look. Mine was painted as stated, some spots on the left bracket the blue was chipped it was black below. So it looks like they mounted the bracket to the engine before painting the engine because I found blue paint in the seem between the rubber mount also but not between the bracket and the mount. Also no paint between the mount and the block. Hope that helps someone
  8. Confirmed, jfa is correct Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  9. No sealant needed Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  10. Not what I'm thinking old cars sometimes a wire connections don't always connect after disconnecting. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  11. Also check wire connections to pump, injectors and ignition Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  12. I dig the white, but safari gold is wait it's at. nice job on the door.
  13. Kats do you think fostering would work. Their product was great look how long it lasted most of them I came across the motors still work with cleaning. Only parts that took heavy weather conditions didn't last. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  14. I got a friend running stock SU on a 280 setup Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  15. Agreed, I didn't know it was that hard to get a glove box door. I have 6 and 4 are NOS. I can't tell you how many I left on junk cars. Also different process for the door. The only thing similar to the dash in the car is the interior door handle.