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  1. And the adult Meccano is very light to reposition. The whole assembly can be pulled with one hand...
  2. Thanks! Home Depot Canada had the 8 ft lengths on for $13.20 a piece, which I thought was pretty cheap .....cleaned them out 😀
  3. It looks fantastic! And I have also been thinking about the lizard skin so thanks for that ... And so ... I HATE to bring this up ... but I think those rails are from a 73 + car, not another 70...because of the 3 holes along the front lower section of the rails for the bumper mount ....
  4. So I need a little bit better dust management now that spring is sprung, so I can take the covers off the summer cars and still grind away (literally) on all the weld cleanup that I need to do on the front end... Enter dust booth V1.0. ... Made from 1 1/4 angle iron (Meccano for Adults 😉) and 6 mil vapor barrier. I might add a fan and filter - we’ll see how it goes... and yes it will double as Part A of the modular paint booth when the time comes 😀😀😀
  5. Fair point - I did mischaracterize it as a refresh. It is an older rotisserie restoration as opposed to what most would call a refresh and it is pretty clean and period correct. And if I look at the green as $20-25 over the white 72, then yes it seems reasonably priced. But I must admit that I am stunned at gross number of $65....
  6. Thanks! So I don’t know but I have quite a few hours into it (including some “grrrr-just walk away time”) so I imagine it wouldn’t be cheap.
  7. Agreed- and the refresh is decent but not excellent so that seems really strong at 60...
  8. Feeling good about 1970, green, and buying those quarters if this holds up ....
  9. Hmmm - Billing’s ain’t to far from Calgary ...
  10. A couple of folks have asked for plans for the jig. I’ve marked up a few pics with all the key dimensions. Feel free to post here or PM me with any questions.... Hope this this helps somebody ....
  11. Might have to delete this whole thread 😉
  12. Finally got all the major pieces fabbed up for the rad support. Pretty tricky piece but almost there .... Punching oval holes was hit and miss so I need to decide what to do with the two bottom holes? I might just punch round ones and then drill / dimple die the 6 holes on the back of the lower rad support... Hope to wrap this up on the weekend ....
  13. Haha - good questions! So yes the hand-written note was the successful formula that resulted in the correct form with the least distortion of the surrounding panel. Small holes can be punched without drilling but the larger holes worked better (less deformation of the surrounding panel) by drilling the hole first. The hole in the strap is to slide a pin through to line up both sides. After that the press will “tell” you if you are out of alignment as you will see the metal start to deform unevenly, or the die will start to tip to one side. All the dies are 1/8” wall thickness except one that is a little thicker because the metal supplier didn’t have 1/8” in stock. I didn’t shape the edges of the male or female dies. The gap between the dies causes the metal to stretch in the gently curved profile. There are actually 3 different size holes in the rad support (4 actually but I am only doing 3), so 6 (3 sets) of dies in total. Whew! Hope this helps ....
  14. So the holes in the rad support aren’t really a match to a typical dimple die. I did some testing with some round tube sections and came up with some cheap home made dies to punch and roll the holes.... Testing ... Success ... That’ll work. I am going to try to make an oval set as well for the lower section of the rad support. I am not sure an oval will work, but curious to find out ... aside: I was amazed at how easily a 1/8” wall tube will punch a hole through 20 gauge sheet...something to think about if you are planning on reinforcing your front frame rails by inserting a section of 2” square tubing ....
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