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  1. Go Ryan go! Super Glad that post helped somebody! 😉🙏
  2. Haha - thanks a bunch. The pivot is at 41 inches when the rig is on 5 inch casters. Cheers
  3. No kidding. You'd think it was a British car ....
  4. The non-vented hood is of course correct on an original 240z. But if the car is a going to be a resto-mod, then do whichever you prefer. I have both hoods for my 72 project. I haven't decided either - I might paint them both before deciding ....
  5. Agreed @Namerow! But I have to admit that my first thought was "what the hell is Flexible Texture Material? Cheese Whiz?"
  6. Not sure! That would require me to sort through said mad stacks ...?
  7. Looks great! I don't know if I should tell you this now but ... (...I have stacks of those panels....mad stacks yo ....) because "garage sale"
  8. Haha - Thanks! No I am just an amateur. I basically bought the same unit as the guy who showed me how to weld. It's a Miller 141 - relatively cheap, 120 V but best to run on a 20A circuit, MIGs sheet metal through 3/16 plate (would be fine on 1/4" too). Uses 0.024 or 0.030 wires.
  9. Pulled all the fuel and brake lines and finally got to flip it all the way upside down. It will be so luxurious to finish up the rust repair and seam welding like this …???
  10. A lot of truths in this thread ?
  11. Thanks! The hourly rate? I'd starve ?. But I figure it probably took me 40 hours - the next one would be a lot faster - maybe 20 hours.
  12. So I repositioned the car a bit on the rotisserie to get better balance. It was fine side to side, but I could feel the weight increase as I rolled it to the vertical position - meaning that it was bottom heavy. Or the center of gravity of the shell was too low relative to the rotating axis. So I moved the car up about 2". For reference: The mounting bolts are 3 inches below the axis of rotation in the front and 5 inches below the axis of rotation in the back. The car is still very slightly bottom heavy (on purpose - safer) but she rolls over well by hand (with one hand) or with the worm gear.... so I probably spent around $350 on steel, $200 on the worm gear, bearings, drive shaft and pinion gears, $50 on bolts and hardware, and I already had the casters laying around - maybe $60 or so. So around $650 in round numbers not including shop supplies... Let the games begin ???
  13. Doh ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️
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