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    My Z is a 1977 280, picked it up in early 2021 from Fremont Ca.

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  1. You are probably correct on that. Couldn’t get much info from the seller, hopefully it’s not terrible haha but for $40 couldn’t pass it up
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/384958211380?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=FEZEcIoRS-i&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=S6SO9eKGT7K&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  3. Not a problem at all ✌️ There were a few knobs in my z when I purchased it, always been curious if they are auto part store finds or something worth saving
  4. What a nice collection, I wouldn’t let go of any of those. Really appreciate all your help 🙏 Placed the order. Hopefully it’s decent haha!
  5. Thanks for the response, really appreciate your expertise 🙏 I located one on eBay, slightly worn guy is asking $40 with shipping.
  6. Sorry, for some reason I forgot, vinyl 🤣 I attached a few photos below of a knob someone is selling on eBay, but wasn’t sure if it was the correct one.
  7. I’m curious, can’t seem to find much info googling around. What shift knob did the 1977 280z 4 speed come with? Leather wrapped or plastic, believe they both had the green facing. I would love to locate the correct one.
  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi there, I really love the look of the original green faced 4spd shifter knob. But can’t seem to find one anywhere. By chance, anyone have one they would like to part ways with at a reasonable price? thanks! Ryan O


    Knoxville , Tennessee - US

  9. View Advert 4 sod 280z shifter knob Hi there, I really love the look of the original green faced 4spd shifter knob. But can’t seem to find one anywhere. By chance, anyone have one they would like to part ways with at a reasonable price? thanks! Ryan O Advertiser FresnoZ Date 08/30/2022 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1977 Model 280z  
  10. So awesome! Realized I’ve watched quite a few of your YouTube videos over the years. I just moved out to Knoxville Tn from central Ca mid June. Drove all the way with a 16’ Penske with the Z on a trailer and my fam in our Highlander it was quite the move to say the least. Trailered the 280 to Zcon for the peoples choice Saturday just to be apart. What a good time! Bummer it’s in Cali next year, maybe it will be an excuse to visit family. Well maybe we will meet in person one day, and thanks again for the help!
  11. Hey @SteveJjust checked out your blog. Love all the Z content from out in this area! Was your 260 at Zcon Birmingham by chance? Looks incredibly familiar ✌️
  12. @Namerow thanks for that! Any idea if Datsun always matched seat color to door card card color? For whatever reason, anytime I’ve seen a 77’ with the brown interior, the seat color looks slightly off from door cards. I’m probably making this more difficult than I should haha I will probably just get a sample off the back of my door card and send it out to be matched. thanks again!
  13. Thanks @SteveJ ! Seems to be a difficult replacement cover color to locate. From the other 77’s I’ve seen the color almost looks more of a dark brown compared to door cards that have a orange tint.
  14. So early on after acquiring my 77’ I replaced the seat covers that were a disaster. I purchased some replacement covers from EBay before doing much research. Ebay covers color was wayyyy off of course, so when I was living in CA I had a local shop try to match a Vinyl paint to my door panels. I painted the covers but it has never been a decent match, any suggestions on maybe another vinyl paint color to try or the correct seat covers? (image of my interior should be attached below)
  15. I hope to get my kids to sleep soon so I can get my center console removed to see what the wiring looks like
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