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  1. We have printed these and they come out pretty good, just never got into production. Its a 20+ hour print. We have 3 printers right now and im about to throw in the towel on all of them. Between inconsistant quality of filament and the machines having their good and bad days its difficult to get production out of them without putting a lot of time in! Hoping to see some new machines at SEMA this year that might offer some answers. Ryan
  2. Body side moulding as installed in the 70's and 80's on most all of the Datsun Z cars is in stock! Aluminum channel with black vinyl insert trim. If you need to replace all of your mouldings or just get some missing pieces we have it. https://zcardepot.com/products/door-edge-side-moulding-trim-original-style-240z-260z-280z?variant=20006828179569
  3. In Stock: Valve spring compressor tool for "L" series OHC engines. Make quick work of removing rocker arms or valve spring components with this tool that leverages off of the camshaft. $89.00 https://zcardepot.com/valve-spring-compressor-tool-l-l24-l28-l16-l18
  4. We have not done any specific testing for emissions purposes, mainly because we just do not have the test equipment in our area. With the FAST EFI the air/fuel ratio can be adjusted at idle, cruise and WOT. So I would think that emissions test results could be improved with this feature. We have checked into getting CARB approval but any device that alters the original fueling cannot be approved, there would have to be a "locked in" tune. With some wiring and hose extensions the system can be made to look like factory and the ECU mounts in the same location as the stock ECU.
  5. Thanks for the feedback Bsly622. We have been having great results with the FAST system on the Z cars. About 50 systems out there in use and about 2 years on our test system that we drive year round.
  6. The original design used external floats with flexible tubes running to the metering needle and seat, these doubled as a 'choke' used for cold starts. These parts are directly above the exhaust manifold on the L6 design engine used in the 240/260/280 Z cars, it gets very hot in this location, and the un-shielded floats do little to protect the fuel supply. The HIF44, the basis for the ABF973, encases the float and replaces the moving seat with an internal enrichment valve, thus providing additional metal mass around the hottest areas. Additionally, we use dual-pass-through fuel feeds that help dissipate hot spots in the fuel supply, and help prevent fuel starvation from cornering and acceleration. Finally, the new design uses a temperature compensation valve that increases flow at higher temps as the fuel becomes less dense. The new design works better than the old design that was designed for the cool British climate. 80 F is considered a heat wave there.
  7. They are better able to withstand vaporlock due to the internal float mechanism and thermal compensation mechanism. This was one of the characteristics I discussed with the engineering staff at SU, and it was agreed that it was better than the old external design.
  8. I wouldnt say they are any better than the originals, just all that is available in a new carb. We are told that they have more parts available for custom tuning but we have not tried to get any of those parts at this time. We feel these carbs are a good option for someone wanting an original look and not having round tops to rebuild or just dont want to wait on rebuild time. We bolted on these new round tops in place of a great running set of original round tops and the only noticable difference was that the new carbs did not require choking to start. Otherwise performance all seemed the same.
  9. Only adjustment is as 240260280 mentioned above. Of course the carbs need to be synced for equal air flow through each at idle. The picture attached shows how the vent holes should be plugged or left open as this made a huge difference in the engine being able to idle on our application. That is all I can think of that needs to be done, once the carbs are synced and the vent tubes addressed they should work fine. If you have any other questions please email for quickest response: sales@zcardepot.com .
  10. Billet aluminum fuel rail with injector adaptors now available. This rail is to be used with modern Ford and GM style 14mm O-ring injectors. Use the rail with our tip adaptors for a direct replacement on your 280Z/280Zx intake manifold. Injector: https://zcardepot.com/fuel-injector-19-new-efi Injector adaptor: https://zcardepot.com/fuel-injector-adaptor-bung-efi-280z-280zx.html Fuel rail: https://zcardepot.com/billet-fuel-rail-efi-280z-280zx
  11. New round top SU carburetor systems for Datsun 240Z. Modern SU round top carbs that give the original look with a new redesigned style. We hope to be getting more stock of these in the future but right now have a very limited stock of them on hand. https://zcardepot.com/su-round-top-carburetor-kit-new-240z
  12. New custom R200 mustache bar differential mount. This bar is slightly thicker and has reinforing gussets at the mounts. Comes in black powdercoat finish. If you are swapping in an R200 to your S30 the R180 mustache bar will not work so this R200 bar is needed for the swap. https://zcardepot.com/driveline/r200-mustache-bar-differential-mount.html
  13. EFI conversion bungs for a stock 280Z, 280ZX intake manifold. If you are looking to upgrade injectors for performance or turbo applications or simply want a better quality injector for stock applications this is the part you need. These billet aluminum bungs adapt the standard Datsun seal over to a modern O-ring style of injector found on most modern EFI cars. In most cases the new style injectors will require a different fuel rail than stock. https://zcardepot.com/fuel/fuel-injection/fuel-injector-adaptor-bung-efi-280z-280zx.htm l
  14. Honestly we just do not have the knowledge of CA emission laws enough to understand what exactly it is they are looking for and not sure we want to. We do see where this could be a huge selling point of this system to be able to make a CA car "smog" legal or be "carb" approved. If someone in CA is willing to do some testing with the FAST system we would be happy to work with them and share the results with potential customers. I think this would be more on the end user as to what they want out of the system. The FAST EFI conversion was originally targeted for the Z owner who is not a tuner or computer wiz and wants a modern EFI system that is simple, effective and can handle engine mods. With a little time the FAST system could be intalled to easily look like the stock EFI system. Remove the swinging door from the AFM, house the ECU in the original container and adjusting some wire lengths this system should pass for stock no problem. Zcardepot
  15. The AFM delete pipe is included and will hook up to the stock boots. Handheld unit offers: Engine setup options: engine size, injector size, fuel pressure, TPS calibration. Adjustments on the fly include: -AFR adjustment for Idle, cruise and WOT. -Idle speed adjustment -Accel fuel enrichment Live data displayed: air fuel ratio, coolant temp, manifold pressure, TPS position, air inlet temp, RPM, fault codes.
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