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  1. nefiwashere

    Relay Testing and Fuel pump help

    EFI relay pins 74 and 73 on my voltmeter i do see it has continuity but NO Beep Fuel Pump Control pins 94 and 95 continuity but no beep pins 91 and 95 continuity WITH BEEP Fuel Pump relay pins 90 and 91 continuity but no beep sorry if this is a dumb question so does it matter if there is no beep on continuity even tho i do see some sort of continuity on the voltmeter also it seems that im only getting 8 to 9 volts to the fuel pump Having a weird issue ware new oem fuel pump was working. any help is appreciated
  2. nefiwashere

    Z Restoration Specialist

    Thanks guys will be talking to both recommendations. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  3. nefiwashere

    Z Restoration Specialist

    hi all looking to get my 1978 280z restored and having a hard time finding the right place to do so. Any recommendations? How is the work done at https://zcsautorestoration.com/ Im located In El Paso TX so they are only 7hrs away :-) car needs body work, paint, interior redone, new(rubbers, bushings, etc), maybe some engine work just trying to get the car refreshed. Thanks for any help

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