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    Looking to get a pair of 77 280z rear wheel stub axles


  2. View Advert 77 280Z Stub Axel Looking to get a pair of 77 280z rear wheel stub axles Advertiser nefiwashere Date 12/18/2019 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1977 Model 280z  
  3. Removed the FPR got no fuel pressure. I did have another FPR on old ZX. Ran some gas through it and Fuel pressure is at 32psi. So my original FPR must have been gunked up. The new salvaged FPR might eventually give out as well. What I did notice which I don’t think had happened before is I would here my relay clicking. I had the oil pressure disconnected so fuel pump would just run and than relay started clicking on and off. Is that normal? With oil pressure connected and car running I didn’t here the Relay clicking. Another thing i did was moved the clear fuel filter. It was between fuel pump and engine. It took the place of the fuel damper. It’s now between the gas tank and fuel pump. So now I just have a hose from fuel pump out to fuel line. 1977 280Z EL Paso TX
  4. cool if you do happen to have one let me know, i also have an old 280zx that was a parts car for a previous zx. will need to go and see if FPR can be salvaged. car has been siting for a very long time. Is there a way to clean them out? I assuming i would just hook it up and let gas run through it. i also have a spare fuel pump i could rig together to let the gas flow through the FPR.
  5. Ok I will test like that. Are there any good priced FPR that I can get besides the ones from zcarsource, zcardepot, etc. they all seem to run in the $100+ range. Thank you for all the help. 1977 280Z EL Paso TX
  6. So disconnect hose ware you put the red box and let gas flow out into a container? would I still leave the pressure regulator between filter and rail? 1977 280Z EL Paso TX
  7. Car running with FPR return disconnected I still get 50psi. Have return just emptying into red gas can. 1977 280Z EL Paso TX
  8. My FPR only has 3 connections 1977 280Z EL Paso TX
  9. Put the FPG right before the rail. Getting 51-52 psi at cold start. So from the gauge to the FPR there might be blockage or FPR to what point does the pressure stop on return? Also what would be easiest way to clear blockage? 1977 280Z EL Paso TX
  10. Hooked up the fuel pressure gauge to the return line in the engine compartment, I get no pressure on the gauge. Also the “T” conector is a good size and should not be an issue. I did also change the rubber hoses on the fuel line when I moved the pressure gauge. I could not tell if they were EFI rated but they did feel soft in comparison to the new EFI rubber hoses. They could have been regular fuel line hoses. 1978 280Z EL Paso TX
  11. Would it be good time to get a fuel rail from zcardepot? Or Just replace the FPR if it is bad What i noticed while driving is lack of acceleration power. In neutral car would seemed to rev up fine. When driving I would pretty much floor it and it would gradually accelerate. After a few minutes car then started to accelerate normal. Would that being something with the AFM? Or also clogged in the fuel line? 1978 280Z EL Paso TX
  12. Ok I’ll move it to the return line. If there is hardly any pressure on the return. There would restriction somewhere on the fuel rail correct? Clogged injectors? 1978 280Z EL Paso TX
  13. Have the fuel pressure gauge after fuel filter. If I move it to the return right below I should still get fuel pressure? Not sure of the size of the T thing in fuel pressure tester. It’s the OEM brand set from Autozone. 1978 280Z EL Paso TX
  14. Could it have anything to do with not having the fuel damper bypass? Any way to bring it down if it continues to stay high? 1978 280Z EL Paso TX
  15. Progress update I did drop the tank. Nothing much to tell on that. Did dump some black stuff out with last remain gas. Replaced hoses with fuel ones from the tank to pump and return. blew air in fuel return from engine compartment with hose disconnected at tank. Air passes through with no issues. I did test by removing the fuel return in the engine compartment gas does come out fine. Fuel pressure was at 40psi and voltage on fuel pump was at 11.4 Reconnected everything and letting car run. Fuel pressure was at 50psi. After a letting run it seem to settle around 45. Rev the engine and it bounces up to 50. Voltage at pump is at 13.6 Need to take her out for a drive and see how she does. 1978 280Z EL Paso TX