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  1. Just trying to understand what is going on here... Already 70 posts on that topic?! Accusations, he says she says, I got a bigger pecker than yours, my father is stronger than yours, 3rd grade schoolyard BS. If anyone wants to be an activist, pick a real fight, plenty to choose from In the real world nowadays... The most important question is; What could be the end result of that back and forth endless non sens...? NOTHING but a big waste of time, that’s what is going to come out of it! No moderator on this forum? If you want the damn wheels buy them, if you don't want them for what
  2. Tks Mike, guys like you make guys like us life’s much easier with that load of information on Z’s!! Keep it up!!
  3. I agree, If it would be it I’d already be putting a deposit down. As the yellow one showed no...
  4. @siteunseen since the last photos a lounge area has been strated... table, chairs, curio cabinet and yes there will be a bar fridge, sofa and a hideaway bed??? hehe...
  5. @Patcon Tks, yeah you definitely need one of those, I got a 2020 U35, it’s never big enough!! But it fits the 13’ high ceiling clearance so I wont get any bigger. Glass doors; I needed natural light for the 2nd floor workshop, that was the best way, there is one on both ends. I will add some sliding guardrail, just not finished yet!! Lifts will come in later so now I will be able to restore my ‘70 in-house and store the ‘73 for the winter ?
  6. I’m in the business too, I can confirm that the prices have jumped More than 100% since spring. I was very fortunate to buy my lumber for my personal barn conversion to garage/workshop in the spring otherwise it would have cost me double in August when I really did it ?... A 11$ osb 4x8 sheet in spring is now 23$ the last time I checked. here is the almost finished project that I will finish during the cold winter months!...
  7. Great job! The feeling of driving it must be so satisfying!
  8. Unfortunately I did cancel my bookings a few days ago... We had a long road trip planned from Montreal to Zcon and back that I was really looking forward to but hey... There will be another year, not as significant as this year but still we’ll have fun and meet new ppl then! Attendees be safe and enjoy!
  9. @davewormald welcome to the joys of being a 240z owner In need of parts in Canada!... From my experience, like grannyknot said, the US is the best place to get parts. Not much if nothing available here, yes there are some vendors in Canada, but very limited variety of parts offered and very questionable service offered compared to the USA. The only advice I can tell you is to make lists of parts, accumulate for a while (if non essential) and bundle them in one purchase sourced from the USA. That is what I do every other month, costly in shipping fees but you get what you need!
  10. @yippi427 Nice! I did go with 205/60 and I’m used to the look now, not as wide but still some meat on them and the ride comfort greatly improved.
  11. But again, the ones on the EBay link are different from what I had on the car... ?
  12. @AZ-240z Haha... Go figure... I’m getting too old or ADHD!... I must have missed them! ? Now... silver or gold?! I have read so many contradictory stories...
  13. After looking mostly everywhere to find MY 73 under hood emission and inertia decals, I stroke out so I have decided to make my own! I based them from the ones I had on my hood before restoration so I have avoided all the misinformation that is out there about them. MY 73 is unfortunately the lesser loved year of the 240, still for me they are as good as the other years and deserve as much love as the previous years ? . Go find one, original, unmolested and good enough for a complete restoration ! Harder and harder to find!
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