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  1. @SteveJ🤔🧐🤨😢😰 yes yes my bad... All is good and working on the phone and on the computer... 😬
  2. @SteveJ tks, I could not see it while checking the phone version of the website. On the computer there was no problems and I have changed my booking to the Embassy Suite. See you there! Cheers.
  3. @SteveJ just checked again on Zcon 2020, registration does not seems to be open yet and the Embassy Suite on Cool Springs blvd in Franklin shows N/A for those dates?..
  4. @Mr H just booked online on my BONVoY app, I see a lot of availability in Franklin for those dates 🤨 Maybe not directed at the Embassy Suite but I booked just across the 65, 7 min drive away from ES...
  5. My room is booked in Franklin for the week! Still thinking if I will drive the ‘73 for a real road trip or haul it... Anyone else from the Canadian east coast having plans to attend?
  6. @Captain Obvious The flat tops will be back on, nice and clean some day... They are stored in my “secret layer” waiting for some will to go true them, but not now, as I just want to finish the ‘73 and get it rolling on it’s own power at one point... 😳😎
  7. @Captain Obvious That’s great info! Tks for the feedback. From your post I understand that I should have changed the balance tube when I removed the flat tops (that will be kept for future use) and changed to round top’s. I will clean it up a bit more the area and plug those holes. One step closer to turn the key get that car back on the road and finally drive it to... the storage unit for winter!...🥶😰
  8. So 1 and 2 could just be plugged? No. 3 does puzzles me too... Maybe the pipe is not at the right place?!.. it has 2 welded bracket on it to fix it somewhere... and what about no. 5? 🤨😳
  9. Yes... and it will not see the snow! I could have detailed a bit more the engine, will probably do this winter...
  10. Tks! What about no 4 on the photos, what have you done with that one?...
  11. First of all, sorry to ask if the info is already posted somewhere but I can't seems to find the right answers... Will start the fresh rebuilt engine tomorrow. While reassembling I have decided to delete the su’s heating. Then came the questions... A ) To keep OEM, B ) To plug C ) To leave open the following : Photo 1 and Photo 2 : both sides of N36 Photo 3 : to balance tube Photo 4 : on driver inner fender, connector from tank to ... 3 hoses Photo 5 : on balance tube, 1 underneath, 1 on top... Thank you!!
  12. Great tks @siteunseen very informative. I’ll keep this for future references.
  13. Can anyone identify this? Since my ‘73 complete restoration is near completion I am going around my ‘70 240Z to see what is the extent of the parts that I will need before starting the restoration process. While checking the front suspension I came across the Front Torsion Tension Strut Rod. I did not recall seeing such cap/cover on a 240Z before. Anyone has an idea if it is OEM, aftermarket or simply not beloning to this car??... Any insights will be much appreciated. Thank you!