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  1. Finally that what it’s supposed to look like thanks
  2. Yes now I agree it’s not that bad a price. I wonder if the internal baffles are the same too. From their site they do some serious restorations They probably cut one up and copied it.
  3. $660 shipped to USA seems a bit high priced. And you need to modify the car too. “To fit on a US market car you have to delete the smog return line that starts from the left front inner-fender.” Aside from that, it’s a great looking part that no one else is doing. I like that it’s galvanized and painted.
  4. Can’t see it. Who is doing reproductions?
  5. good find I have a 1971 FSM but didn't verify if it has the procedure
  6. I finished refurb’ing mine. I obviously used paint and not plating. I don’t know what initial pressure setting to use so I adjusted until there wasn’t much resistance. To tighten its counterclockwise. The bellows is under a good amount of compression so it was a little hard to assemble. I upgraded the screws and lock washers to stainless also. As you can see I changed the set screw due it having to drill out the original. Interestingly they changed the bracket configuration on later models and took out the reinforcements.
  7. so what does the designation on the shaft end mean? I got a backup today and it's marked 71B6 compared to my original 66PH15. Maybe it's a lot number or date code. Probably one of those things we'll never know.
  8. I had a huge mouse nest in mine on the right side. The drain is rather large and empties out directly on the inside of the fender thus all the corrosion in that area on every S30 made.
  9. I wonder if that orifice equalizes pressure on both sides.
  10. Haha yea if you say something with enough confidence no one doubts you. I’m always learning something about these cars.
  11. I don't have that upper part. My FSM has the same picture but it's not as crisp. The barrel actually deformed when the brass shaft was hammered out. So I took a washer the exact ID size and a long socket and put it in the vise and viola' back to stock shape. I did get a backup on eBay in case this one fails. I did learn however from carpartsmanual there were different units for automatic/standard transmissions and years. Mine is stamped 66P15.
  12. That was a great explanation thanks! The crimp on the aluminum ring failed but I was able to tap the brass out. I'll drill/tap the ring to M6x1.0 and use a new set screw and restake it in the steel barrel. The bellows shaft was really corroded so after cleaning/lube it will work fine. I also got the main part taken apart like the pics above and it's now free to rotate if adjustment is needed. Looks like both diaphragms are in decent shape after 50 years.
  13. I know this is an old topic but does anyone know if the bellows screws out or is it a slip fit just held in by the set screw? My set screw broke so I had to drill it out but the bellows is still stuck. I don't want to ruin the bellows.
  14. A lot of good work that will pay off in structural rigidity. I PM'd you about the tray if you still have it.
  15. I wonder if it has the trick cam that sets them lower after wiping that all the Nissan ones did but broke.
  16. Thanks I'll read that one. It's timely because I'm in the process of removing mine and refurb'ing. I don't think it's ever been off.
  17. Thanks guys! So it looks like the singe rib is the earliest version. They also moved the lowest part of the sump more to the center on the later ones. I have that kind. Was the braised panel factory or a aftermarket fix for cracks? These cars seem to have endless differences.
  18. In the same vein as the discussion, were there different oil pans on early cars? Mine has some ribs on the lowest section and the plug is on the right side. According to an eBay seller they were only available in that configuration for the first year and a half. Is he full of it or is that true?
  19. Can you check the 240 for the antenna unit?(unlikely) I only have various parts for mine.
  20. I bought this a few years ago and it’s been good in bad weather and snow. It got a few holes because of me using a shovel to get snow off and they sent me a 3x3’ patch. https://www.covercraft.com/us/en/product/custom-noah-car-cover.C-CCNH
  21. Yea mines way better too. Maybe it needs too much work. we still can’t see underneath and that could be really bad.
  22. It does need a lot of work but the price is reasonable for a low number model as of this reporting. https://www.ebay.com/itm/303079719646?ul_noapp=true
  23. That looks amazing. How'd you measure the contour? Also I was thinking of making the OD a little smaller and threading it.
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