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  1. @siteunseen I had not done that, great suggestion thank you!
  2. You know life happened, previous owners truly loved the cars. Owned them for a decades. He bought the manual in Utah i believe and drove it daily, when he met his wife. Then few years later after living in Oregon he found the second car the automatic in excellent shape and bought it for his wife. They drove them around a bit until upkeep became to difficult. Be would cover them with tarp and dry them out if getting moldy. It's actually amazing there wasn't any mildew or mold. Here in Oregon even tarped cars will get mildew after only one season if you don't manage. The owners had lots of extra parts and was working to fully restore including spare re-manufactured spare motor.
  3. Small Update: **Ignore some the dates mentioned in the pictures, I haven't reset the clock of time stamps, these are inaccurate. Wiped Down Interior (Before / After) After light washing Cleaned out pine needles under wiper motor plate and vacuumed battery tray Changed the diff fluid Removed the fuel tank, most of the fuel tank hoses were rotted away, including the "Fuel Tank Filler Neck", and the "vent hose, ordering replacements soon. Drained fuel, looks very orange.. Rust is the worst at the inlet, I think this is because the filler neck was rotted through. Drained remaining fuel and will try to re-seal tank. Need to clean and reseal. Removed Rear bumper since it is damaged and little easier with the tank out. Minor damage directly below license plate, notice black line. This is cracked paint and rust. Picture doesn't do justice, bend it pretty ugly. Having trouble removing wheels, without wheel lock key. Trying decide which lug key I need to buy. Anyone seen this style before??? Hard to get good pictures, I may have to get a universal tapered style removal lug tool. More Progress to come.
  4. @Diseazd Wow the one you posted looks just like this automatic of mine. Even the wheels look similar!
  5. They did clean up well, here is a picture of the automatic in my garage.
  6. I will post updates here if people would like. There are 2 of us working on these currently. We hope to make good progress this summer.
  7. Sister 1972 240z cars. I have been in contact with the previous owners for about half a decade. They decided to sell to me recently. ? Serial Numbers are only a few hundred apart. Restoration in progress will be posted to instagram at @240zisters
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