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  1. It's clean for sure, is it worth 70K? Maybe to the right person out there, but not to me. I'd be curious to know if it sells and for how much. Also it states this car is not a Nissan factory restored car, but just a 240Z restored by Classic Datsun Motorsport.
  2. CG240Z

    CLSD R200

    haha, you got me on the 280ZX, you're correct, I meant a z31 300zx. I messaged the guy over on Hybrid selling the MFactory LSD. His original group buy was for $700, that's over with. Now they're going for $875. The few people that have installed these MFactory LSDs have had good things to say about them and quality has been reported to be good. I'm leaning towards this MFactory LSD due to it being new, and knowing that my current R200 is in good shape, versus getting a CLSD R200 of unknown condition. So my question to you guys, would you wait to find a CLSD R200, or this drop in unit for essentially the same price you'd pick up a CLSD diff for.
  3. CG240Z

    CLSD R200

    Thanks for the tip, I'll go check it out.
  4. CG240Z

    CLSD R200

    750 is a fair price. I would pay that. That's cool you have a couple of them stashed away. That's some Nissan Gold.
  5. CG240Z

    CLSD R200

    I don't have the half shafts. A fair price? That's a good question, because what some people ask and what I think is a fair price is for a differential can vary widely. I've seen some people on Craigslist ask $1k for a rusted unknown condition CLSD R200. I'd say price all depends on the condition and whether axles or not are included.
  6. Sounds like something fishy is going on. Maybe the original buyer backed out?
  7. CG240Z

    CLSD R200

    Looking for the elusive CLSD R200 out of a 87-89 300ZX turbo. Thanks!
  8. You're in El Cajon? I'm in the unincorporated part of El Cajon in Harbinson Canyon. Good to know there's another Z guy close by if you ever need some help.
  9. I'll buy a copy too. Does it have pictures as well?
  10. Would this trigger system work for you? Austin Hoke makes some high quality Z parts. Hoke Performance Crank Sensor
  11. Nice update Len, glad to hear the progress. That's also funny you mention HEI TomoHawk. Yesterday I wired in a GM HEI with a MSD coil and now I have no spark. So that's today's project.
  12. Subscribed, I'm in the same boat. Car will drive perfect, die on me, wait 10-15 mins, then I can drive home. I'm going to look into the ZX distributor.
  13. Hey! Glad to hear from you Len! Now get back to work!! :D joking of course.
  14. Glad to see some activity on this thread. I was starting to look into mega squirt because I thought this project was on permanent hiatus due to kids. My stock FI doesn't like my cam and it creates some questionable performance sometimes.
  15. I'm running Eibachs and my car isn't sitting anywhere that high. Like others have said, check the part numbers, fully assemble the car, then see where you're sitting. I installed mine, then checked the part numbers and realized I had them in backwards.
  16. Glad to hear some updates and progress is still being made! I'm still staying tuned in.
  17. That sounds correct. When I ordered my Tokico HP's only the rear where available. So I ordered 4 rears and knocked the spacers off for the 2 front.
  18. My setup is somewhat a mixture of everything. Using a block from a '79, N47 head, flat top pistons, and stage 1 cam. Also it's fuel injected and I can only get 91 octane. Have about 400 miles on it right now. So far so good, engine is smooth and it has an awesome idle with the cam and header. Still tweaking the fuel mixture.
  19. I installed a 1k yesterday and have it turned up about 3/4. Haven't pulled the plugs yet but there's a huge improvement. The car isn't bogging down any, the overall smoothness of the engine is much better.
  20. How are you guys determining what size potentiometer to use? Is it a trial and error thing? It seems the bigger you go, the harder it would be to fine tune. I got a 1k, I'm going to install it today and max it out. See if I notice a difference from there.
  21. Sorry to hear that, doesn't sound good. Hopefully Superlen will resurface soon. Does any of that miracle emissions liquid they sell at stores work? I've read some things online about them and some people swear by them. I don't know if it's snake oil or there is actually something to it.
  22. Very interesting. I've seen others reference potentiometers, but didn't exactly know what they were used for. I'm looking at the Atlantic Z site now and reading up on it. I ordered a 1k adjustable potentiometer as he has on the site. It will be here tomorrow. As far as wiring it, I'm a little confused. I get that it wires into the temp sensor, but that's about all I'm understanding. Could you further clarify how to wire it inline with the temp sensor? Thanks!
  23. Took advantage of the 3 day weekend and made some more progress on the Z. Got to clutch issue straighten out. The aftermarket rod on the Clutch MC I installed was too short. I extended it about an inch and that magically fixed all my clutch issues. Got to take the Z out for some break in miles. So far so good, the car rides very nice and cruises great at 70. The engine is running lean so I'm going to adjust the AFM to see if I can richen it up. My next major project is the headlights. At first only the right on was working. I unplugged the left one, cleaned the ground, re installed it and now neither work! Except the right high beam. I'm getting power at the fuse, so it seems like I have an electrical gremlin somewhere. There's a car show Friday night I'd like to take it to, but only if I can get the headlights working. Right now I'm daylight restricted. Here's a video of me pulling it out of the garage for the first time and a few glamour shots I took while breaking it in.
  24. I'm still interested too, any updates? Big news for me is I got my car running and already have a few miles under her belt. I need to update my thread and post some pictures and video. My car was running rich, but I pulled the plugs today and now I'm running lean. My guess is it's a mixture between running a bigger cam with outdated AFM technology. I have high hopes for this ECU to smooth things out for me and compensate the AFM. I think if I want to keep my current setup I'm going to have to go with this or a Megasquirt ecu. I'd rather have your plug and play ECU. Eye candy of my Z over the weekend.
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