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  1. Sunline

    OEM AM Radio- Will it add value?

    He 7tooZ I checked out your idea and sure enough there are companies that can do this. I never would have known. I like this idea because the dash keeps the stock look but I can get a 4 speaker stereo from the standard radio. Now I just have to decide if the AM only is worth the $300 upcharge over the am/fm. Hmmm........
  2. I wanted to get a few opinions on whether is is worth spending close to 1000.00 for a stock AM radio to install in my March 1971 build. Car is rust free, glass out repaint, all original interior in near perfect condition. Engine has been completely rebuilt and except for some non braided hoses looks original. Non original parts are: a 280Z 5 speed and an aftermarket CD player. Any thoughts / opinions would be appreciated.
  3. Found the screw. Unfortunately I still have to disconnect the cables to pull the panel. You have to be a contortionist to do this.......
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I looked and felt for it with no luck. I'll give another closer look.
  5. How does the HVAC fan knob come off? I found the small screws to remove the sliding lever knobs, but can't figure out how that fan control knob comes off. Anybody know how to remove it?
  6. Sunline

    Carpet question

    What is the best way to hold the drivers and passengers for carpet in place? My recently purchased Z has the carpets sliding around all over the place.
  7. Sunline

    Leather seats yey or ney?

    Think I will go with leather. Thanks for all the responses.
  8. Just purchased 1971 #24871 great condition. With original passenger sea cover and a drivers side replacement. Both look really good , but the drivers needs to foam. ... badly. I want to replace both seats with new foam and leather covers. Any objections to going with leather over the stock vinyl? Good idea or bad?
  9. Great read! I have a 71 in orange which looks identical to your( same bumper) although with Fenton slots on its way to me from Oregon. Should be here this coming Monday. I have a lot to learn about what to do, but no rush. Will be asking all sorts of questions as time goes by, but you have given me plenty of insights to get started on. Great job thus far. Keep at it and keep posting!
  10. Sunline

    240z on velocity network fantomworks

    I watched it. They seem to truly understand all cars. Love the show. Lots fmissues with at Z. Naturally all resolved with $
  11. I love reading your updates. Keep them coming! Your car is really coming along nicely.
  12. Sunline

    71 Survivor- What's it worth?

    Stumbled upon it by luck. Guy had it for 20 years.
  13. Sunline

    71 Survivor- What's it worth?

    Where are the best places to look for really nice Z’s. UPDATE: Just purchased #24871, a 71 in orange. Very excited to get it delivered. Coming from Oregon. After 2 years of searching, hope to have found a partner for my LFA Once delivered will post pics and driving impressions. It has been 40 years since I drove my last 240Z. Should be an interesting experience to say the least.
  14. Sunline

    71 Survivor- What's it worth?

    Thanks for your input. I have realized that this survivor car is priced too high for sure. I am on BAT everyday (love it) and have seen three Z's in the past year that were very nice. Sometimes they seem to get bid up, because of two or more competing buyers, to prices which end up at the current ceiling based on their condition. I plan on keeping it forever so I'll keep looking.
  15. Sunline

    '71 240Z on eBay with its Original Paint?

    I'll see if I can figure it out. It just came up this way. Was actually just trying to replace my "S" with a pic

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