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  1. When did Datsun begin mounting the speakers in that location? 73?
  2. This thread is just brilliant. I love it!
  3. Definitely seems like it is related to looseness in the rear suspension somewhere.
  4. I think you are on to something! I plan to bring it back for evaluation. Hope to find an answer
  5. Just got my Z back from the shop where many, many things were addressed; new engine mounts, struts, springs, differential mount among others. Wheels are new 16” Panasports with Continental Extreme Contact 205’s which where road force balanced. It exhibits a strange handling quirk which I am trying to diagnose. When I let off the gas it will veer slightly to the right and when I apply the gas it will veer slightly to the left. Has anybody experienced this or have any idea what may be causing this?
  6. MSA 6-1 headers with Z Story JDM muffler. No drone, not too loud, not too quiet, just right. Awesome sound! Trust me on this! A little cut and weld to make for perfect fitment but not bad at all.
  7. I feel ya, I will be getting mine back next week. Going back in time to when I was 20. Will post up
  8. Looking forward to getting your impression once you get the zed on the road. In the meantime you’re keeping me and many others entertained!
  9. Gotta say I just love your work!! Jayhawk will have himself a brand new Z. Better than new
  10. I agree while I had mine out I replaced the core, the short hose and valve with aftermarket and fit was perfect.
  11. I follow BAT daily. Always interesting cars coming up. Most of the Z's have issues, with a select few that are really special and typically very original which have sold for 40 to 50K
  12. Sunline


    I sent a check
  13. LFA is essentially a race car that Lexus made street legal. Nice pic! Lots of Z’s
  14. Plan to get mine and installed soon. Here are a few pics. Purchased Continental Extreme Contact Sport 205/55/16 tires. I have these tires on my LFA and my SL 63 AMG and they are fantastic. Great in the summer and better than most performance tires in the winter months. Highly recommended!
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