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  1. Sunline

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    I agree while I had mine out I replaced the core, the short hose and valve with aftermarket and fit was perfect.
  2. I follow BAT daily. Always interesting cars coming up. Most of the Z's have issues, with a select few that are really special and typically very original which have sold for 40 to 50K
  3. Sunline


    I sent a check
  4. Sunline

    I’d like to do new Panasport wheels

    LFA is essentially a race car that Lexus made street legal. Nice pic! Lots of Z’s
  5. Sunline

    I’d like to do new Panasport wheels

    Plan to get mine and installed soon. Here are a few pics. Purchased Continental Extreme Contact Sport 205/55/16 tires. I have these tires on my LFA and my SL 63 AMG and they are fantastic. Great in the summer and better than most performance tires in the winter months. Highly recommended!
  6. Sunline

    Custom Interior

    I know someone who is going to start producing “Singer” style 240Z’s. Should be very interesting to see how radical the mods are.
  7. Silly question here. When I gutted my interior of an early 1971, one of the first things I did was remove the fuse box. Now the interior is going back together and I cannot find a picture of where the two screws in the fuse box screw into. If somebody could shoot a picture of their console with the ashtray assembly removed so I could see what the fuse box screws into I would really appreciate it. Seems so simple yet I cannot figure it out......
  8. Sunline

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    Here is an old pic of my yellow 1970 which I owned back in the 70's. The orange one is an early 1971 series one I just picked up a few months ago.
  9. Sunline

    Series 1 interior restoration

    Motorsport (Z car store) 150.00
  10. Sunline

    Series 1 interior restoration

    Finally installed a new part into the stripped out interior. New firewall insulator. I added a sheet of vinyl to the cardboard because it looked a little cheap. Looked great with the vinyl and fit pretty darn well with just a little trimming need.
  11. Sunline

    Series 1 interior restoration

    I want to keep it as close to original as possible, but upgrade certain areas that help it maintain a certain semblance of civility. Sort of like Pantera owners adding aftermarket radiators and fans. You may have a point. Not sure if slightly better illuminated gauges would offend MOST potential buyers. I am not going for a 100% pure original restoration. I’ll have to think it through and listen to more opinions. Appreciate your input!
  12. Sunline

    Series 1 interior restoration

    I have decided to stick with the original vinyl since it in perfect original condition and just re-install the original dash. I will cross my fingers that it continues on in its current uncracked condition. I think I will convert the instrument lighting to LED because it is pretty dim.
  13. Sunline

    72 240z radio wiring

    Resurrecting this thread. The blue wire that is cut actually should go to the 3 pin connector blue wire with the fuse holder in between. Does anybody know where the red wire with dark blue stripe (dial illumination wire) gets plugged into on the dash wiring harness? I assume I need to look for the matching red wire with a dark blue stripe, but I don't see one. The PO put in an aftermarket radio and wires are cut and spliced all over the place.

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