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  1. I chased my 'thump' on my '71 240Z for quite a while. I did have loose bolts that held the diff to the mustache bar. Just to echo what everyone else has already said, make sure every bolt you can see is tight. Also, I finally cured the last bump by replacing the leather strap over the nose of the diff with a solid bracket. I am SUPER PLEASED with the outcome. You can see my experience here (you have to scroll down a bit): Replacing oil seals R180 differential.
  2. I did install the Flamethower and electronic points in my '71 240Z. My son also installed the same kit in his '73 240Z. I am pleased, though I can't say "I saw X% performance boost". It works, I think it's a good solution. I've not measured the output! See my experience here: Electronic points – Installing PerTronix Ignition Kit
  3. Some things I never imagine hearing: 1) My TV is just too big 2) I took too many pictures of my Z 3) Finally, I'm finished with my Z 4) That cost much less than I expected I have an insane number of photos (6.5Gb) I took during the disassembly of every do-dad and thing-a-ma-bob. Came in VERY handy 6 months later at assembly time.
  4. I have part numbers and photos on my web page woodworkerb.com changing instrument lighting. One type for general illumination (e.g. under the green bubbles) and one type for focused illumination (e.g. blinkers, high beam)
  5. You should always get an LED the same color as the filter. E.g. Amber LED for front blinkers, red LEDs for brake lights.
  6. A transmission jack is super helpful. I used a spring to make the 180 degree bend. Also found nice oem-looking braided fuel lines from a volkswagen supply store. Fuel Tank Refresh. Lots o' photos.
  7. Nice! Keep it up. Please feel free to refer to my site, I have gathered a lot of helpful info and lots of photos. WoodWorkerB.com
  8. I kept an Excel spreadsheet of every (and I do mean EVERY) dime I spent on my resto. I N S A N E. Your estimate is not far off. '71 240Z WoodWorkerB.com
  9. FWIW. My diff wasn't leaking, but I was on the hunt for thumps-and-bumps, so I did the seals in the process. Datsun 240z replacing oil seals r180 differential. '71 240Z WoodWorkerB.com
  10. Looks like a great starting point! If it can be of any help, I documented a bunch of my '71 240Z restoration. WoodWorkerB.com. '71 240Z WoodWorkerB.com
  11. Nice. I appreciate the photos. I'm trying to do the same for my '71 240Z rebuild. I have lots documented, and lots more still to go. WoodWorkerB.com I am also very interesting in adding links from my site to relevant posts, blots, sites, etc.
  12. Arne, EXCELLENT WRITE UP! Thanks. I hope you are OK, I took your excellent written instructions and added photos. Datsun 240z mechanical fuel pump rebuild. I gave you credit several places. For me, photos really help, especially down in the deep-dark spaces where you can't see! Regards.
  13. Another page added: '71 240Z alternator upgrade. Lots of good photos and drawings. datsun-240z-alternator-upgrade
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