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  1. dk240z

    73 Hazard switch removal

    Bad advice guys. Much more complicated than a simple twist. Better find other advice.
  2. dk240z

    Need Bumper Mounting Brackets

    I've got some NOS front and rear bumper mounts if you're interested. I'm over near Dallas. Still have dealer tags on them. PM me, and we can talk;
  3. dk240z

    Reproduction S30 fresh air intakes

    Just got my parts today, and they are an excellent knockoff. I am very pleased. i hopre they make more repops. DK
  4. dk240z

    73 auto-transmission pedal box

    10-4 Did my 73 two years ago. Just took out the auto brake pedal, and put in the clutch and brake pedals out of another manual box. Super easy! Running the clutch lines is another story. DK
  5. dk240z

    73 automatic driveshaft

    Did my '73 two years ago, and the driveshafts are the same. DK
  6. 205/50/16? They look like 17s
  7. dk240z

    Datsun 240Z

  8. dk240z

    Datsun 240Z

  9. dk240z

    Tire brands for 205/60R14 options

    I had Sumitomo 215/60/14s on my 14x5.5s and they were a very good tire for the money. I have 215/60/14 Yokohamas too, and they have been excellent also. I'd go with either one. BTW, 215s are harder to find, unless you go with BFGs. So, looks like you're best bet is the 205s. DK
  10. 73 was the first year. Came with the flattops to aid in preventing vapor lock maybe?Plus there might have been some emission ramifications too. It came on when ignition was turn to start only, as I recall. Mine stayed on all the time as the PO had set it up that way. I think the harness is there though if you want to retrofit. DK
  11. dk240z

    Door panel plastic replacement?

    If you want cheap/free, go to Home Depot/Lowe's, and ask the guys in the building materials dep. if they'd let you have the plastic wrap off of any of the palletized concrete products. This is a thin but very tough 3ml. plastic wrap that you can make of vapor barrier out of. Might take two, but the guys that work there will be happy to give them to ya. Make sure the cut the cover down one side, so you can use the top part of the cover to make you barrier. If you don't understand what I mean, just go be the store and look at the concrete goods that they leave out in front of the contractors entrance.
  12. dk240z

    What wheels are these?

    $250 to a friend. But, that was with a good set of 215/60/14 Sumitomos, and 4 good center caps. By the way, my caps were cylindrical style with black ribs. Original owner put them on in '78.
  13. dk240z

    What wheels are these?

    Not sure of the name, but I have 4 NOS center caps if your interested. I had the same wheels, but sold them with old caps. Let me know if your interested. DK
  14. dk240z

    Front end 'spook' options..

    wish I would've payed more attention to this post. I would have traded my stock front end for your airdam. Damn!
  15. dk240z

    1973 Front Bumper Packing/Filler Left Side

    I converted my with early brackets and bumper. '73 is an oddball bumper as are the fillers. Too bad, I had perfect rt. and lft. fillers I just sold for $75 with a perfect center piece. DK

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