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  1. Oh wow... That pic is making me rethink everything. I kinda Like that red
  2. ... I met a guy who has an NA z32 (300zx). He's swapping in a vq45. I'll post pics as soon as he's starts.
  3. I was thinking about sponsors. Anyone here sponsored? What does it take? What do you guys think bout it?
  4. They are definitely really cool cars, and awesome stories guys! I remember taking my friend's z to a parking lot and my friend letting me drive it right after we built the motor. I miss that z. The body looked amazing, the car was fast, sounded beautiful. I loved everything about it. The advertisement story is kinda funny haha. Ya it's funny cause I think I'm the only kid my age that's into old school jdm cars, datsuns, etc. around here. Everyone drives hondas, 240sx's, and no one has even heard of the 240z. It's sad! Such an amazing car with great history. I love every z besides the 350z and the 370 is slowly growing on me.
  5. GAH!!! i wish i lived near you
  6. thats nasty! Poor Z.... ruined!
  7. I grew up around cars. My friend had a 280z which i loved. I would help him work on it. It was the first car I ever worked on.
  8. I play guitar. Schecter C1 Hellraiser fr Ibanez RG Peavey Vypyr 75 Watt Custom acoustic
  9. wow, those are some great cars.
  10. Nah my parents are waiting till I get my license in a few months.. hopefully he will have it till then. I'm just wondering how much a l28 swap would cost for lets say... 250-300 hp? And ya I'm not into the whole street racing, crazy driving. I'm really cautious.. I know what you mean. I see kids do it all the time. I'd hate to have blood on my hands for killin someone. And of course I'd hate to wrap my baby around a pole I'm fine driving the stock car for a while and getting all the suspension and body stuff done to make sure the car is solid and safe. maybe after having the car for a year I can do a swap. I really dislike most of the new cars. civics, celicas, etc. old cars have more style. Most of the new cars all look soooo similar to me.
  11. THAT IS WILD!!! crazy price, i doubt he'll sell it at that. Too wild for me... I like the whole stealthy/clean look.
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