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  1. There are alot of paint products all claiming to be the best which ever you choose do not cut corners to save money.They all have epoxy primers that is the norm these days if you don't do all the steps you were talking about the high prices they are double to redo.As far as base clear vs single stage.Single stage will most look like factory depth to gloss if you are looking for deep shine and durability its base clear.If you use a good clear it should last the life of the car.If you keep it in a garage and rub on it all the time a urathane color should be just fine.hope this helps
  2. I am hoping to have a z before then.
  3. How many going to nashville in july? I would like to meet some of you.
  4. boomboom55

    Z Music

    All the old songs are good but you got have it on 8 track.It would look right home in early z.
  5. I knew this was the right Z sight, with all these pickers its got to be good
  6. Yea I know about that I played on the road threw the 70s and the 80s.I play guitar,just about everthing with strings except the violin and I can not make it sound like anything
  7. This has nothing to do with cars.how many members plays some kind of musical instrument?
  8. Any exterior epoxy will work, the spoiler being bonded on the car I would use fiberglass for filler then use body filler to finish before primer,If you had a friend with a body shop,they keep bonding agent in there guns allready open.It just takes just a little they probably wouldn't charge much to let you glue it.
  9. Thanks for everything I am not angry I know in todays world you half to maintain control of everything.
  10. The reason I don't work for the paint company is I am dissabled, I am bad diabetic and I had to retire on Social Security dissability,I couldn't do the work even if I wanted.When I started doing body work and paint an older body man done what I was trying do he helped me more than what I got out of Fisher body school.I was just trying to help.
  11. 3m,sems,and fusor all have good 2 part adhesive.They all take a applicator and are very expensive.Napa has 2 part epoxy that will work just fine.Sorry if I did something wrong trying to help.I am leaving this sight.Thanks
  12. Have any of you used 3m trizact system
  13. I you have any paint question mabe I can answer for you.I used to work for a paint company (I can't tell the name) and I am a bodyman by trade.I might save you time and money on your project.
  14. What would be the best 1st.gen z, as far as drive train problems,and rust problems.
  15. Just started looking I have a few in mind Thanks
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