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    Owned my Z since March of 2010. Sold my Silvia 240sx shortly after and drove the Z from Long Beach to Portland where I've been since. The car doesn't get much road time during the winter now that I have a Rodeo for commuting, but almost every sunny day it gets to turn it's wheels and wet it's carbs.
  1. Bringing up this very old and dead thread because I just bought my Cosmo coils and want to preach haha... A big factor to keep in mind with this set-up is that the lower spring is very soft! its not your typical spring being that its coils are flat, like a slinky. The full stiffness of the high top spring rate doesn't take effect unless the bottom spring bottoms out(middle sleeve contacts bottom spring support), which is the intended function of its design. The bottom spring is actually easily compressible by hand, partially. I'm not sure what the actual rate would be for them, but this makes
  2. bLatantS30


    what are those seat belts from?
  3. You should also check out JER Development in Santa Ana.. the owners name in Lihn and he is a very cool guy. Not super close to you but I was in there last week and he has his 72 240 w/ built RB25, and 3 customer Z cars in there.. 1 with RB20 and the other 2 with Frankenstein RB25/26 over RB30 blocks. Very impressive and all fabrication done at the shop. I'm having him do my suspension and bushings install next week. www.jerdevelopment.com
  4. saving this one liking the switch from the BRE!
  5. bLatantS30


    absolutely awesome pic!
  6. That things got less rust than anything you'll find near that price and esp. in Florida. Assuming that you'll go with store bought replacements, you'd probably be looking at $1000+ for mostly everything except the door panels, which are harder to find. Yet, that's Black Dragon Prices and they aren't the cheapest(Pg. 28, 65, 68 and 71 of their on-line catalog), but I don't know what other options are local for you, so check. Here in Cali there's Motorsport Auto, which is a bit cheaper and you'd have to pay for shipping anyways from either. Just not quite as an extensive catalog there. I defini
  7. Remember though, your buying a nearly 40-year-old car. You can't buy one under 5k without planning on spending a decent amount of cash on getting the ride like new again. If you go in with your thinking cap on, plan for less than ideal situations, and end up with very few of them.. that's a good deal in my opinion With Spitz, he probably dodged a bullet. Yet when buying a Z, wouldn't you want to replace the suspension, bushings, etc. soon anyways? That's not speaking for the bad gasket and "much more." I'm just adding to my point above haha
  8. That white Z looks like a great buy to me. Seller seems to be very legitimate as he has many pics and videos, and also isn't afraid to be honest about each negative aspect of the car. That extra 5.5k+ you'd have would leave you many, many options for building a great car. Good luck! -Bryan
  9. I just sold my 240sx to a guy in Utah who has a 71 and 370z. He was actually buying for his son who was there and the poor kid couldn't get much time in to ask about the s13 with his dad n I blabbering on about the Zs haha.. I'm just over in Long Beach and would love to see the beast revived and around some meets or something -Bryan
  10. Thanks again.. The paint is definitely aftermarket from back before it was garaged in 92. Its still got great color vibrance, but a whole lot of scratches n chips here and there from rocks, etc. Also some nasty gashes in the driver door and hood from a shitty buffer :\ I never get tired of roaming through the galleries of everyone's cars here! Can't wait until my car can actually compare! 5 days until the drop
  11. Thanks a lot everyone! The car is actually more of an orange, but I love how it gets red-ish in the sunlight. That's the original dash, Brian. This Z sat from 1992 up until about 8 months ago! I definitely got a great deal. Zedyone, the wheels were something I was only mostly happy with.. more-so my size choice instead of 16" that gave me some buyers remorse. I think the 2"+ drop I have planned next week will definitely have them fitting in better, though. -Bryan
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