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Primadonna 240Z #2


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I've heard of them. That one, however, has a lot of extra geedunk on in compared to the ones I recall back in the day. He'll likely continue to be the owner based on the price. Here's a link to more info. I remember the HybridZ thread. http://racer86.com/2008/03/30/the-primadonna-z-an-auto-biography/

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That one, however, has a lot of extra geedunk on in compared to the ones I recall back in the day.

I don't know, all three seem to have about the same level of geedunk to me, but then again I'm pretty much a stock guy. Here are a couple of threads with background info about the cars.




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That big ol' shopping cart handle on the back is a total deal breaker. ;)
The price isn't?
I can't get past either one, the wing or the price. Both are big thumbs down.
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Big AMEN on all of the above.

I'm like Mike B, "the more originaler the better."

An inline 6 of 150 HP is more than I can use in an area where speed limits

over 55 MPH are rare. Of course, I NEVER exceed them.

I think the money would be better spent in maintaining what we already have.

Although if I were given one, I wouldn't turn it down. I would sell it for

whatever I could get for it, to increase the maintenance and show kitty.

All Z Best,................................Kathy & Rick

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No vacuum assist on the brakes and it looks to be a stock steering column. Goes fast but don't try to turn it or stop it??

That car has dual master cylinders. Very common in racing as they allow you to actually proportionally affect the braking bias (a "proportioning" valve does not). Vacuum assisted boosters don't work real well on race motors because they don't produce much vacuum. Plus it's another potential failure in the system. So these are just as effective, less prone to breakage, more tunable, and simpler. Better, better, better, and better than stock brakes. Here's more info on that if you're interested.


And here are a couple of modified stock pedal boxes for dual master cylinders:



Not sure why the stock steering column is considered a hindrance to turning. Mine seems to work fine...

The Primadonna car has gigantic wings and all that, but it's all business underneath. I'd drive it. Not going to buy it for $100K, but I'd drive it.

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