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  1. Hey everyone, I have a bunch of parts that I would like to clear out of my garage. I have an engine from a 71 240z (minus the carbs), 4 slotted mags with tires, 6 original steel wheels with tires (4 from my car and 2 spares). I also have a hatch. I am willing to give them away to people that need them but the big problem is going to be the shipping. These aren't small items. If you are interested in any of them, let me know but be prepared to have suggestions about shipping. I live in Indianapolis so local pickup is very welcome. Carl
  2. Blue! I don't know how to put that little squiggle above the E! I live in Indiana and we don't get to use them. Steve, I love the lesson in punctuation. Maybe Grandpa is really tasty. Carl
  3. Justin, First of all, welcome to the website. Secondly, post pictures so we can see your Z! We love to see everyones ride. Lastly, I don't know if you meant it to come across this way or not but that last post came across as very rude. I can guarantee, you will get no help here if that's the case. Everyone was trying to be patient and tell you not to waste space and people's time by posting duplicate threads. This site is a valuable resource and can give you a lot of help with your car but whether you are posting on the internet or talking to someone in person, always be respectful. I don't know if this helps you but I put Tokiko shocks and Eibach springs on my 240z and am very happy with the results. The car is lower but now scraping the ground. I went with 16" Rota wheels, which are Panasport knockoffs for a lot less money. Good luck. Carl
  4. Hah! I'm not trying to yell at people! With the invention of texting and instant messaging, people tend to forget punctuation and proper spelling. I have reached the age where all those young whippersnappers chap my arse sometimes. :-) Carl
  5. I saw this the other day on my favorite website and thought I would share it. It seems like people on the internet, and occasionally here, have become neglectful of common grammar and spelling. I am not trying to start an argument but it makes a good point. Carl
  6. Hi Jerry, I have 4 General Tires 195/70 R14 on come aluminum mags you can have if you want. They are a few years old but were only used to move the car around at the body shop. If you are interested, drop me a line and you can always come take a look. Carl
  7. Hey Mike, This is a great thing and something I could never do. However, I don't want to complain but it doesn't work well on the Ipad. It is sized for the smaller format like the iphone and ends up being a small window on the Ipad. When you enlarge it, you lose definition and it becomes pixelated. Keep up the good work!!!! Carl
  8. bhermes, Have you looked at the cars posted in the Garage section? You can look at a lot of different cars and see what different colors look like. How much of the car are you going to be able to paint? Is this a complete paint job, inside and out? or are you just repainting the exterior? When you change the color there are a lot of potential places where you may notice the change in color (under the hood? carl
  9. I'm not sure what you meant by "most forums" but it IS under the menu heading on the left. Carl
  10. Steve, See, that's stuff I have no idea about. I guess I thought "it's a wire" and that's it. I don't have the money to just experiment. Did you post a while ago about seeing if Frost Fighters would make a version that would fit the z window? Somehow I have the recollection that someone was going to? Carl Carl
  11. Steve, To be honest, I was just think of using as many lines that would fit the rough space of the original grid. I say this with know knowledge as to how it works. My thoughts were just using the pre-spaced lines and not the entire setup. There is a lot more that goes into this than what I have thought of. I guess that is why I posted this originally. To see if you guys think if this would even work or if I'm way off base. Carl
  12. Arne, Thats exactly what I had in mind. Scrape off the old ones and use their replacement grid lines. I have to get the car back from the shop first. Its something to think about at least. Carl
  13. Its a rainy Sunday afternoon and I was thinking about the rear defroster in my 240z. It's still in the shop but I know that many of the defroster grid lines are broken/worn away. I know this topic has been discussed before on the different ways to try and fix it. Some have used the paint/epoxy to fill in the lines and restore function. Frost fighters makes a replacement system but you would potentially have to upgrade the wiring. One of the parts of the Frost Fighters system is a pre-placed system of wires that then hooks up to their bus bars. What about just using the prepared lines to fix the existing defroster without upgrading to their entire system? Unfortunately I don't have my car to go out and look at but thought it seemed like a decent idea and it would cost about $50. Any thoughts? Carl
  14. Contact Les at Classic Datsun. I ordered some of the factory correct butterscotch spray about a month ago. He still had several more around. I think it was about 25-30 dollars a can and it would take a couple of cans to do all the panels. Its expensive but he said that is what they were charged. I would probably try calling him over email. He is pretty busy and it took several times of bugging him before I was able to get mine. Great stuff though. Carl
  15. Welcome to the site! I echo Travel'n Man and request more photos. It looks beautiful and we would like, NO, we DEMAND more photos!!! Carl
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