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  1. Was this made by anyone here? I ran into this ebay auction by chance... Wish there were more pictures. I haven't pulled the trigger... yet. Datsun 240Z 260z 280z Reproduction Shift Knob 5 Speed Walnut | eBay
  2. Anyone have an update? I mailed the remains of my 5 speed to one of the members here soon after I started this thread with promises of close to finishing the final product/restoring my own and using it to display the reproduction, but I have not heard back or had my last 2 PMs replied to since. Any luck OILUJ?
  3. Hey jmorrison146, I think silver with red is a rare combo on a Z. The only red interior ones I see are 904 white (like my own). I know it is your Z and you can do as you please, but if it turns out to be as rare of a combo as I feel it is, it might be worth keeping. However if you do change your interior and the parts are salvageable, please let me know if you were interested in selling them. I am trying to hoard red interior stuff Maybe this might motivate you to change your mind
  4. Yes 26th is right... I was trying to clarify that the car it was mounted on was a 1970 and it wasn't a 1970 transmission. He did mention that he was willing to show the unput/output rotations, as Carl mentioned. Oh he also mentioned it turns freely and that it had a few thousand miles on it. I don't know how accurate, but he said there were only a handful in the States. Sorry I forgot to omit this info... that's what I get for posting so late! I didn't take a look at it, I probably should have but I don't know if it would have made any difference. He did show me his Z however and he turned it
  5. Found this on craigslist, I spoke to him and it's off of a 1970 he had, which might explain the B-type shifter. I can't tell the difference, but thought maybe someone here with more knowledge would be interested. 240Z 5 Speed Transmission from 1970 Datsun
  6. Oh yea, that makes a big difference then Thanks anyway for helping the community, I am sure someone with a blue Z in need will scoop it up!
  7. If you mean the headlight covers, I don't think they were legal here in the US and therefore not available as dealer options.
  8. Hello everyone, I saw this back panel of an air cleaner box on ebay and noticed it had a choke cable holder arm that is not on my Z. I was wondering if all Zs had them or if it was year specific? I did a quick check and my '72 didn't seem to have a mounting bracket for it. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  9. Saw the same orange Z today flying down the S-101. I noticed it had fender mirrors!
  10. As long as the tag matches the VIN on the firewall, it should be ok.
  11. I second that Jerry! I was going to install mine on my Z because everything was working... then I found out that the mast was broken. I am also still after that wood 5 speed knob to replace the one I broke :cry:
  12. 3-in-1 (blue) like others have mentioned. I have been told that Marvel Mystery Oil works as well.
  13. I was in Lompoc, CA today and the first Datsun I saw was a silver 510 with Panasports making a right turn. On the way back, there was this house I had driven by before and I thought I saw 3 or 4 Z's parked... today there were only 2: Lastly the 210 Freeway was getting backing up on the way home, so I got off. A few blocks down, there an all flat black 240z with louvers, a BRE spoiler, a vented hood, black wheels, black bumpers... My Co-Pilot wasn't quick enough with the camera on this one. 4 Datsuns in 1 day is pretty awesome to see
  14. I saw a 1972 240z yesterday in National City/San Diego at an In-N-Out. I was checking it out and luckily I was wearing my Z shirt, so when the owner came up to me it wasn't as awkward. I spoke to her and her friend for 10-15 minutes, but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture!
  15. [ATTACH=CONFIG]59753[/ATTACH] This is what is meant... its an ashtray on a cover that says "fuse". What would be the official name, as to avoid confusion? Also there are 2 styles of lids, as illustrated by the picture borrowed from Jay's site.
  16. Welcome Walter. Please post a picture of your new Z!
  17. I agree with the series 1 fuse cover. Those are hard to come by, and even though they are year specific, they do cover roughly "half" of the years the 240z was produced. In fact I see more series 1 consoles for sale online, without the cover, than series 2 consoles. In fact reproducing the series 2 consoles would be great... I have problems finding one That is exactly the reason why I have not had mine blasted to be repainted/powder coated! I can't find replacement rubber gaskets! I also have a hard time finding the rubber strips for the door chrome belt moldings. I see the chrome strips at
  18. Thanks for your help guys!
  19. I was just wondering if anyone knew what shade of black the fender mirrors need to be? I know its either Satin, Matte or Flat- a color without gloss but I am not 100% on the sheen it needs to be. I have a set that were media blasted and am looking to powder coat them soon. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  20. I saw this red series 1 Z and a blue one today in rainy Oregon, maybe I will get a picture of the blue one later!
  21. I think it was a Challenger in Vanishing Point. I like the 4 door variant of the 240K http://youtu.be/tJ2XZHF4o2I?t=6m5s
  22. Mike, it has been fixed... thanks again for your hard work!
  23. Does one need to make a new account to use the new classifieds? I already tried to change my password and it didn't work.
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