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Hi, thought I would introduce myself.. so... hi! The name's Walter and I'm from Los Angeles, CA. I recently purchased a yellow '76 280z that got hit from the front passenger side. Seems like the only damage was the fender and that side of the suspension. I bought the whole suspension set up for that side the very next day from the junkyard, but now I realize that I also need a new rack and pinion.. so that's the plan.

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Welcome Walter. Please post a picture of your new Z!

I'll do you one better and throw in a whole build thread in a few. ;)

Welcome Walter and sorry to hear the news for the 1st post. Hope your Z fixed up easily and start running on the street soon.

Thanks, I hope so too! haha


If you have a hard time finding one, I have one at my shop. I'm not sure of the year, but I know it is NOT from a Series 1.

Thanks, you got it. I'm on a very tight budget atm (college life I tell ya..) so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Did you get that from Craigslist in Simi Valley a coupla weeks back for the ridiculous low price of $400.00?

That I did. ;) You wouldn't happen to be the PO would you? haha

Thank you all for the warm welcome. I'm surprised there's some SoCal action in here to be honest, after lurking around for the past couple of days I was almost 100% convinced that this forum was dead since a lot of the threads on here date back to the early to mid 2000's!

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