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  1. There is a set of watanabe wheels on eBay at the moment, currently at $550. I'm on my fone so can't put up a link, but the should be easy to find, I came across them when I searched r31 skyline and clicked description search
  2. Went and had a look at this yesterday, boot is good, doors are good, some of the trim ( on the boot etc) is straight as. It was painted aprox 1.5-2 years ago, there is rust appearing which you can see in the photo above the drivers side door, it's also coming up on the passenger side but not as bad, and low on both rear guards, was damp under pass side carpet starting to rust but didn't appear to be terminal. Interior has been patched/ retrimmed, not such a good job, dash is stuffed under the vinyl cover, rear cards have been trimmed, roof lining is sagging. Damage to the front isn't to bad, i
  3. When is the sutton rd texikhana? P.s sorry for going off topic
  4. looking real good. looks to me as if the replica is darker? is that right? i personally prefer the colour of the bottom one is the red on the 'GTR' tail light darker then the aus delivered ones? cheers
  5. Photos look good, hope to see the article, should be a good read. Congrats champ
  6. Hey, from memory some the globes in the dash are T10 (globe size) and some are a different size, but the main ones you want to change are the T10 ones, also there is a green cover over where the globe sits so if you want the LEDs to actualy light up your dash you may want to get rid of them, I did it by placing a screw driver in the hole (once I removed the globe) and give it a decent tap till the tabs break. I changed mine a couple of years ago but they weren't bright enough, was a single led, but the new ones are alot brighter these days, more LEDs per globe. Autobarn sell them at about thre
  7. Ive got a set of ti wheels at home that I was wondering what they would look like on the 240, I like what they look like on yours, cheers Oh and I used to have 17inch chromies on mine, I got them from Tempe tyres, came as blanks and they drilled the holes
  8. hi, you should try otomoto in sydney (parramatta) http://www.otomoto.com.au/ Ben from there was very helpful when i made some enquiries. im sure they would be able to get one shipped to you in melbourne i just looked at fraz link and it is the same as what i have just posted, sorry for doubling up info
  9. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, Best wishes to you and his family through this rough time in your lives
  10. I'm not 100% sure if the info I'm going to write is correct but im pritty sure I've read it on here so it's probly worth looking into I'm pritty sure you can put Silvia (s13?) struts in the front, and you can get 5stud conversion kits for Silvia struts so that should be a fairly straight forward. But as I said I'm not 100% sure so mabey somebody can clarify this
  11. Aparently there is a show at prospect tomorrow, just wondering if anybody else has heard of it also. If so is anybody going?
  12. I read that somewhere but I couldn't remember where I had seen it, have you used them? or did you just find the info?
  13. When do you want them picked up? I'm goin to Melbourne for the week on 5th July
  14. what bracket is it? i dont understand the description, does it hold the gearboot in place?
  15. yeah i got a hardtop, an i'm in act. have a look at my photo album and see if it was the same car, but I haven't seen one on the road here for a long long time either, so it was prob me. although a couple of other people in act are working on 240ks, no one else has theirs finished.

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