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Operation 240k


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Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone is interested but Operation K is underway. Our project starts off with a coupe shell that i salvaged from the crusher which cost me $350 a tonne. It spent the last 3 months having all the rust cut out of it which includes lower rear quarters front and back, rear beaver panel, lower door skins, lower guard skins, roof gutters in and out and steel GT-R guards. The photos show some of the steel work that we've completed.

I've decided to install an RB25det with matching gearbox, and r200 diff centre with cv rather than the uni's. R32 rotors with the quad spots upfront and California vented rears and calipers up back, all sitting on z31, 5 stud hubs.

Most of the fabrication is completed and i will post more shots if anyone is interested...










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Wow That's a lot of work. It looks Good. It looks like you have taken the roof gutters off. Did you? If you did, once it's primmed, could you take some photos of them up close?

It looks like you can fashion stell well. Are you going to try your hand at a front lip and rear spoiler?

Anyway, it looks like it was a good save on your part.

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I take my hat off to you, Kid K. You've salvaged something that most people here would have scrapped because it was too much work. Good to see someone willing to put in some effort:beer:

I notice a continuous weld along the flares - did you have any issues with distortion, or did you stitch it stage by stage to control distortion?

Do you plan to fill the front arches with big dish wheels, or use longer LCA's / different X member to bring the whole hub assembly out (plus giving you camber adjustment as well)

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Hi guys thanks for the replys....

I did have to change the roof gutters on both sides, We cut back the roof skin and de-spotted the internal gutter, but I replaced it as close to original as possible, so it still has the gutter! I don't think I'll put on a rear spoiler but maybe the front scoop, shouldn't be too hard to fabricate ( as you can see I'm not to keen on the bolt on stuff). Need to check clearances for my intercooler first!

The continuous welds on the guards and skins is just a whole series of spot welds. Welds were made at about 50mm apart, allowed to cool and beaten into place before re-welded. My brother that has the 4 door project in the photos is responsible for all the welding.

As for the front end...It runs the standard cross member, I've cut down the engine mount humps to allow for the standard rb25 engine mounts and rubbers. The front struts are hr31 with z31, 5 stud hubs machined down so that the R32 rotors will slip over them,and 4 spot calipers. They have adjustable chamber tops to allow for trimming. The guards have been designed to fit 19 inch wheels front and back ( at the moment I'm using R32 GTR wheels as guides, but they are way too small...If I seem to have added chamber problems you can always adjust your control arms!

thanks again for the interest...


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WoW, I like it very much. Thanks for the Pictures. I was thinking of doing mine up in Matt Black or possible gloss. I like the matt very much. The problem is that it shows every imperfection.

Good Job on the 5 Studs too. The standard GTR rims don't look to much out of place either. If only it had a RB26 ;-)

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Sorry I don't have any flares in progress shots, As soon as i can I'll post shots of the inner arch. Once I marked out the arch line on the car (which is about 60mm lower than the original position of the fiberglass flare), we just slotted, folded then welded to the outside skin. The slots were filled with wedges of sheet metal and then painted with body deadner. The arches were originaly design for a set of 19's but have settled for the 18's in the photo. At this stage, there is now springs in the rear end and the arms are sitting on the bump stops...



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That looks like it's straight out of Mad Max, I love matt black. What colour are you going to end up with?

How much space did you have between the top of the rear arch and the tyre?

I ended up with quite a lot as seen in the shot but that is without lowered springs installed in the rear. Just wanted to be safe and drive it around a bit with 3 lads in the back to make sure of no scrubbing before i go the lowered route on the rear

<a href="http://s660.photobucket.com/albums/uu327/240kconvertible/?action=view&current=DSC00825.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i660.photobucket.com/albums/uu327/240kconvertible/DSC00825.jpg" border="0" alt="rear arch"></a>

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