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  1. How far off the bump stops does she sit? Ride height does look good.
  2. Any news.....can anyone in Melbourne help?
  3. new addition to the skyline family
  4. Too cool, can't wait to see it running
  5. Belongs to a gentleman I meet last week, it might be one of my side projects.
  6. Make sure to triple check the welds, if the pickup sucks air your engine will be ruined...
  7. looks tuff. i'm hoping these rims we bought on thursday off ebay will be ok. I kind of went off everyones advice that the 15 x8 0 offset will it ok under flares. Hope it was worth the $750 spent.
  8. Sorry Ad's, I kinda feel bad...15 x 8 0 offset
  9. NICE, thanks guys for the info.....Kid-k jnr is very old school....
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