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  1. Open to offers, would swap for parts/ cash difference either way, interested in rb25det aftermarket ecu, injectors, turbs, H190 diff assy.
  2. im selling my 240k to fund my current project. there has been hrs upon hrs of work put into this car to get it to its current state. Build thread: viewtopic.php?f=63&t=18736 goodpoints: -its a 77 240k with no rust and straight panels. -every bush replaced with new pedders parts -new Pedders tierod ends (inner & outer) & Drag link -Rebuilt front struts; Pedders sports ryder insert w/ lowered King springs, new wheel bearings, rotors machined, rebuilt twin sumitomo calipers -new Pedders Comfort gas shockers w/ lowered King springs in the rear -new rear wheel bearings -reco'd CIG locker R180 IRS differential -new Burgandy Plush Pile Carpet -new front raceing seats -JDM C110 GTX steering wheel (quite rare) -New front and rear windscreens - rebuilt R31 rear calipers - good chrome, lights, door cards etc - whole donor car comes with sale with lots of bits - new door, boot & ignition locks badpoints - only 1 side of the cars brakes are rebuilt (the others are in pieces complete with kits) - no rear seat - very small split in corner of rear quarter Genuine reason for sale, Lots of time and over $4000 in parts installed and never driven on :oops: $2500 ono inquiries to Daniel ph: 0447 801 567 could possibly deliver in SA I'll get some current pics for those interested http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll87/DanoJ84/100_2019.jpg http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll87/DanoJ84/100_1988.jpg
  3. what cond. are the rear seats in? what kinda price would you be chasing? cheers, Daniel
  4. you dont have the rear seats (upper/lower) ifso what cond. how much etc.?? cheers, Daniel
  5. unfortunatley not but shouldnt be too hard to get to fit oh and its a 25det box
  6. i sorted my tail shaft probs today, im using a 1 piece D21 pathfinder 4x4 tail shaft, yoke fits the 25 box and is the perfect length to the diff
  7. well jesus..... i forgot all about the Anal people in the world..:tapemouth i just meant "WANTED" since wtd is the abbreviated word for wanted i didnt think i was causing too much confusion...:stupid: but i will clear it up for you, I need a rb25det tailshaft or yoke. If you or anyone else have 1 that they want to sell, i would possibly want to buy it if its at the right price... comprehendai :classic:
  8. not bad at all.... how did you mould it to sit over the trans tunnel and all the corners??
  9. fits great, looks pretty trick
  10. yeah repco have 'em. the wtd thing, i should actually change that as i found the tail lights i was after;)
  11. anyone know the part no. for a 77 240k half shaft universal joints? thanks in advance, Daniel
  12. the whitest white you can get
  13. im stuck on things like the ALternator?? can i just cut the alt plugs off the 240k loom and whack the rb25 plug on? and i want to wire the rb25 to the original 240k instrument panel... can this be done?? thanks in advance, Daniel p.s i'll post some pics later, its come along quite abit
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