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People are actually bidding on this crap?


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There is only 35 minutes left in the auction! Thank God you brought this up! It will look soooo good in my glove box. Thanks!

Or I can go by an organizer and get my black sharpee out and make for own! I so confused. What to do.


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I posted on this about 2 months ago. He also sells "RARE" Z branded microfiber dusters!

One member admitted to buying one of these and when he got it in the mail the decal had already fallen off!LOL

Here's the link to the thread that JonnyRock started:


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Didn't mean to post on a subject already covered, but I found it amazing that he had multiple bids on that blue Z organizer.

Yeah, I got into a early bidding war on that one. But im waiting till the last sec, then im gonna up my bid and WIN! :laugh:

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This is great - rare Z sunglass case from the same seller. But I'm looking at the pic and it doesnt look right. I have a bit of photoshop experience and the edges of the Z sticker look wrong. So I save the picture from the auction and zoom in with Windows picture viewer and its CLEARLY been altered. It looks like the edges were poorly smoothed out or something.


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