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Now what?


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I've been working on this thing for so long it never occurred to me that I might finish it someday! :stupid:

Today I looked at it and couldn't think of anything else to do :cry: , so I to took some pictures and posted them.

Now what... Drive it? Stare at it? See if I still have a relationship? LOL

See you all at the West Coast Nationals next month!






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Now what... Drive it? Stare at it? See if I still have a relationship?

You drive it...everyone else will surely stare at it!! Can't comment on the relationship thing, but the time was well spent on your Z...beautiful!!:love:

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forgive my ignorance - as I only have in-depth knowledge of the '72 version - in asking why the choke cables are coming in on the right side of the engine compartment. I thought they "all" come in on the left side. Was that a change made before the EFI era?

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Hi Bob, I'm afraid that you'll need to forgive my ignorance in reverse. I only have "some" knowledge of my year. Of all the parts on that car... It's funny you should mention the choke cables, they are about the only point of frustration with my car. I bought and paid for some parts from Norm Murphy of Zeddsaver about 8 months ago. He never sent them, then told me he couldn't get them... Last January he said he would send me new choke cables instead (not that I really needed them but something is better than nothing). Never got them either, and now he appears to have fallen off the face of the earth.

I think I got screwed on the parts, but he seemed like a pretty nice guy when I used to talk to him on he phone. Honestly, I hope he is okay and just decided not to come through for me. Anyone have any contact with him this year? More curious than anything else.

Thanks for the compliments on the car. Took it to Starbuck's today and found about 10 people looking at it when I came out. Funny since the people looking got into Mercedes, Jags and Porsches. :)

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I've bought some parts from Norm this year. I got them back on Jan 31st. It was sorta slow, but still reasonable....so he was around at that time. He sometimes lists parts on ebay, but not right now. Hope he's ok. I was hoping to have some items plated by him someday, like my hood latch.

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