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  1. hey guys... chalk one more of us up to this bitter hatred of all things gone wrong!Ditto to everything!... I'm thinking my tank is letting loose debris and clogging the pick-up... She quit just 5 miles from the Canby fairgrounds... guess I will see y'all next year!
  2. Glad to see things are still progressing Dave!... Wish I could get up to see ya in the next couple of months.. we will see how busy things get this spring.
  3. Hey Dave... Yup... really slow and getting slower! Sorry to hear your in the same boat. Hope things pick up soon or my can will be recycled!!!! Her words not mine! I am trying to keep the Z but I have to have a plan B... Wish things were different but hey I'm still smiling. I will keep you posted on developing situations as they present themselves to me. Thanks for all you have done for us Dave, It means a lot to us knowing we have friends just about everywhere we go!... and that's about 50,000 miles this year alone!!!
  4. Well I never thought I would do it but I may need to sell the Z... It kills me but with a sick kid and medical bills still coming in I may not have a choice. Out of curriosity what is a 74 260 worth these days???... check it out at cardomain.com member IBZINYA. Probably will list on Craigslist here in Portland in the next week or two.... any other ideas for selling and getting results would sure be appreciated.
  5. most play time in my car goes to "Blackfoot--- Vertical Smiles"
  6. Man.... and I have a new brain bucket for this year too!!!.... And I also had to make my living!!! Grrr
  7. Wooo Hooo and I will be in attendance!!!!... Hey are you folks meeting at the I-5 rest area this year? If so, What time?? Really lookin forward to seeing everybody! Ya you to Dave!
  8. I found that my firewall wasnt sealed very well also, check the gromits and seals there as well. My throttle boot was bad.... lotsa fumes through there. I used clear silicone to help seal the back end... especially the tail lights!
  9. I purchased solid brass bushings on E-bay for $5.00 plus like $4.50 shipping and they work perfectly!!!
  10. Well...... I have the dogs..... the 357..... a place to lock it up..... I just hate obnoxious alarms that go off every time the wind blows.
  11. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=37710 Dave... You have competition!!!
  12. Well... I know all of you have the same problem I have had..... NO GOOD WAY TO MOUNT SPEAKERS!!!!! (problem solved)... OK so I went way overboard.... But still------ can you hear me in Dallas? Sorry about the number of pics but all the better to get a feel for what we have done!!!... Enjoy... I am!
  13. Hello from Missoula... Unfortunatly it looks as if I will be calling Portland Oregon home from now on however... still all the best!
  14. I think I'll wash it a time or two.... Then get serious about cleaning up the engine compartment! Maybe if I have the time I will start working on some of the electrical gremlins but for the short term I'm going to drive the wheels off it!
  15. My wife allways putts the "do you really need SUPER?" question to me when I fuel up... I simply do the math for her- 10 gallons at 16 cents more per gallon is a whole $1.60 more per tank!!! Go back to your neon! My brother in law and I figured that over 100000 miles of driving the difference between buying a prius and the standard corolla was about $1200.00 in fuel costs yet they want nearly $8000.00 more for the prius! Are people that clueless as not to do the math.... just quick buy it cause everybody els wants one?
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