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Got speakers????


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Well... I know all of you have the same problem I have had..... NO GOOD WAY TO MOUNT SPEAKERS!!!!! (problem solved)... OK so I went way overboard.... But still------ can you hear me in Dallas? Sorry about the number of pics but all the better to get a feel for what we have done!!!... Enjoy... I am!











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Very impressive workmanship, and better than cutting holes in "original" interior panels. (I have no issue with cutting holes in reprodcution panels).

Normally I agree with anything Dave says, (he IS the S30 electrics demi-god), but personally, if I want good sound, I'll drive a my wife's older Lexus.

This may be a less-than-popular opinion for some, I think big sound systems are better suited to older Honda civics than a classic Z. While I'm not a purist or collector,

my perspective is that the Z is a "classic sports car", not a boom-box candidate.

Not to mention, big speak box mods will probably hurt the value of the car. If you try to sell the car with that installed, my guess is that only teenagers & college students will be impressed. Even it you remove it, the mounting holes, resulting scuff marks on the interior surfaces, panels and vinyl will lower the value of the car.

The rear speaker box sold by MSA provides reasonable sound, without all the problems mentioned, (and is well accepted by the Z community).

Personally, I won't even consider buying a car with a boom-box sound system, pimpy wheels, "racer-boy" mods, etc, no matter how nice the car looks... In my experience, this is often evidence that more time & money has been spent on those items than on proper maintenance...

For me, the stereo system / sound quality is secondary to the lovely sound of my 240Z's drivetrain.

Stepping down off my soap box now... Just one guy's opinion. Feel free to slam me.

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Not something I would choose for my own Z, but very impressive work nonetheless. Nice job. Now all you need is proximity alarm, a pitbull, 357 mag, and locking car cover to keep it from disappearing. :)

Me and Kirk spoke on the phone last night for over 2 hours, and the whole alarm issue was brought up. I like his direction and the whole thing IS removable.

And I don't think he'll be selling this any time soon. Way too much to do to it first.


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