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    Currently trying to restore a 1976 280z and make it my daily driver.

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  1. Hey Tyler, wondering if you could send me any pics of your 240z bumper conversion hardware mounting, I bought the same kit from zccjdm but I can't get the the aligned and mounting bolts to match. Just needing pics for reference. Thanks.


  2. ROOOAAADDDD TTTRRRIIIIPPPP....or see if the guy will ship it, I've shipped larger items via Grey Hound and they're always pretty reasonable on price. Shipping would probably be like 50 bucks so in the end $75 for an already boiled out gas tank isn't too bad of a price.
  3. Sad news.. Just filled up and did the math only came out to 13 mpg this was like 90% city driving. Where do I go from here? Car still drives good bcdd sticks every now and then but other than that it drives great. I smell raw gas here and there though...while driving.
  4. I sense a little hostility in this thread.. Just next time make your own thread instead of bumping a 7 year old one. Also I'd try not to call people jerks especially someone like sblake01 who's helped tons of people on this site (including myself) with trouble shooting. Download the efi bible and go through that you may not even have to replace your parts. You might just need to clean the connections. Good luck.
  5. Anther thing I forgot to mention even to the claim rep is the other guy didn't even want my info. I only got his info. But yes lesson learned big time, next time (hopefully there won't be one) I'm calling the police asap. Hopefully this all works out in the end. I'll keep everyone posted. I did manage to take a picture of his bumper right after it occurred (shows no damage).
  6. Yes this is what I've been thinking about, because it did happen so close to my house I called my dad right away and he got there within a couple of minutes. My dad herd him say that he hit into my car. I know he isn't exactly a witness to the event but he was a witness to him admitting fault. I'll give Gieco a call tomorrow and tell them what happened. I didn't call them to began with because I don't want my rate to increase.
  7. Just got off the phone with his insurance rep. Because there wasn't a police report I have to wait for the insurance company to get hold of the guy who hit me to confirm it happened. Anyone know what's happens if they can't get hold of this guy? There's no police report and I'm just sort of paranoid that they'll close the case if he doesn't respond. I tend to be a pessimist and I'm just trying to think what will happen worst case. Other than that I was told to get a shop quote and email him the pictures I took right after the accident. I wish I have Hagerity but I daily drive my Z (at least until it snows) and don't have a garage/drive way to store it in. Off to go get a quote we'll see how this goes.
  8. Just when I get my car running perfect, I'm on my way to Intro to Philosophy about a half a block away from my house at a stop light. I'm about 5 feet away from the car in front of me (left him tons of room), for some reason he puts on his reverse lights and starts backing up. I honk my horn over and over then just keep it on and he smashes into the front of my car. I got all his info and just filed a report with his insurance agency. This is the first time I've ever been in an accident. Luckily it's only the front bumper that took damage. The guy was like well it's only a little bumper no big deal at all and I was like dude wtf you can't just walk into Autozone and buy one of these. He didn't understand... His car was unscratched.
  9. Update, car drives perfectly...lets hope this lasts, we really don't know how we fixed it but we did. All we did was cleaned and re check the gap on all the plugs. Check the fuel pressure, which is a steady 30 psi at idle and jumps up to 36 ish with any throttle. When we hooked up the fuel pressure gauge a lot of air came out of the lines, maybe this was the cause? Also we re-checked the timing was only at 2 degrees advance now its at 10. Car idles at 800 and has plenty of power, lets hope the gas mileage improves too. Just filled up so I'll get back to everyone in a couple of days and tell you guys how it is. Other than that thanks for all the help, lets hope it drives perfectly from now on. Also we tightened up my crankshaft dampener bolt it was pretty loose (Dave says scary loose).
  10. Currently my cars not running (sort of). Dave and I adjusted the TPS back to spec (or at least close to it) and it seems to run awful now. Before we adjusted it any pedal movement was considered full throttle (efi bible tps test). Maybe this was set that way on purpose? The idle on my car currently is set at 1300 rpm but for some reason despite the idle being set that high my car wants to idle at 500-800 and not rev quickly. It's extremely hard to drive this way and I'll be lucky if I can manage to drive to Daves like this. I'm almost positive it's fuel pressure, as I said the rebuilt afm I installed and everything else tested perfectly. Currently I start the car and it goes to 800 then within a second dips down to 500 then back to 800 (even though the idles set at 1300). If I wait a while let the car warm up then turn it off and back on it then idles at 900-1000. I never checked Harbor freight until a guy on Ratsun suggested it and it looks like they have a gauge for only 12 bucks (20 if you want there test kit). I'll pick one up tomorrow and see how it goes. So I don't have to look it up what the correct PSI my fuel system should be running at?
  11. They look sweet can't wait to see them in person.
  12. Thanks I'll send you a pm in a couple minutes. For some reason most of the high schools (at least where I live) including my own didn't have an autoshop class.
  13. yep I'm in college and pretty cheap; only like to spend money when I have too. This might be one of those times though.
  14. Went through the whole EFI bible. Found out my TPS wasn't working correctly. It was either at the idle setting or at full throttle. We adjusted that and now its to spec. Everything else tested fine after we changed out he afm to anther one I had laying around that tested perfectly. Now the problem is my car is gutless and slow to respond. We'll see if the gas mileage changes. Does anyone have any info about using a 300zx ecu and MAF on a n/a 280z? I know there popular for L28et but what about n/a car? (with an 300zx n/a ecu of course)
  15. If I remember correctly the thermotime switch controls the Auxiliary Air Regulator right? I wonder if I just removed that if it would solve my problem. I was planning on removing it eventually to make room for a strut bar anyway S30driver drives without his up here without any problems. He says he just has to manual warm it up (rev it for a while) before driving.
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