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  1. Does anyone have the pictures for this guide or can link me to another guide with pictures? Need to get my tail lights wires eu style..
  2. Thanks. Did you order the shocks+springs from brandcarparts.com? I have tryed to contact them about shipping etc. But I don't get any reply from them.. Bad service..
  3. Wow, thats quite cheap. $289 for Stagg shocks + Vogtland springs. Just hope they can ship to Norway at a good price. http://brandcarparts.com/1970-1973-nissan-240z-stagg-shocks-struts-and-vogtland-lowering-springs-kit-1-2-drop.html
  4. Here's the reply from the seller on ebay. "Yes, these will fit the 240Z. These are not in the Vogtland catalog because we are exclusive distributors of the springs. Vogtland cannot sell these to any other outfit hence the reason they are not in the catalog. The photo is just generic. What you will receive will be a perfect fit for your 240Z Thanks"
  5. Didnt notice the PN on the springs itself. The seller on ebay provides another PN in the descripton of the springs. I've just sent an e-mail to a sales manager @ vogtland. I'll post info here as soon as I get an answer. EDIT: Just noticed that the seller on ebay uses the same picture on all his listings for Vogtland spring. Thats why you can't find the PN 951606. The same was on a spring kit for a Volvo
  6. Thanks. Never heard of that brand, so I wanted some input on them before I buy. Yeah, the price is quite good. I live in Norway and are used to pay WAY more then any other country
  7. Hello, I'm looking for new springs for my 240z. I came across these on ebay. Does anyone have/had these? http://www.ebay.com/itm/VOGTLAND-GERMAN-LOWERING-SPRINGS-fits-NISSAN-DATSUN-240Z-260Z-1970-to-1974-/400786157431?fits=Make%3ANissan%7CModel%3A240Z&hash=item5d50b76f77&vxp=mtr
  8. Hello. Hope someone could help me out. After pulling the needle on the speedo, and put back together it now shows wrong speed. I know where I went wrong. I pulled the needle when it rested on the needle-stop pin and put back there... Should have pulled it when it rested freely and put pack in the same position.. Is there any way I can fix this myself?
  9. In my personal opinion, I think the ZG flares looks awesome on these cars. But, each to their own.
  10. Hi! I'm new to this forum and also new to Z cars. Just got my first '71 240z a month ago. The car is imported from California to Norway. I got a set of ZG flares with the car, and I really like to get these on the car. But have som questions, hope someone can help me :-) How should these be positioned on the car? Should the line up with the stock outer lip all the way? I've been reading on this DIY -> http://classicdatsun.com/new/ZG-flares_inst.html Great stuff. But still alittle unsure. If some one have some good advise, I really appreciate that! Hope my english is understandable :-)
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