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  1. RyanT67


    A few pics of my Dec/70 240Z. It's a work in progress, but I'm having a lot of fun with it!
  2. Looks like they removed part of the throttle shaft between the two screws that secure it to the throttle plate, less restriction there too. How's the idle with all of this done? Not that it matters on a race car anyway...
  3. Getting quoted $25k seems like one of those "go away" prices shops throw at people when they don't want the work. I'd keep shopping around. $5-10k is probably more the going rate, with $5k being a shop that may cut some corners, and $10k being close to perfect (one would hope...). I see nothing wrong with going to a guy working out of his home though, provided he is reputable. Some folks just enjoy this sort of work and do it to earn extra cash, but don't want to work it on a 9-5 basis.
  4. Congrats Chris, that's awesome that you were able to get the car back up and running before storage!
  5. That's really awful news to hear, Chris. My diesel crank was damaged when my 3.0 stroker engine spun a bearing a couple of years ago, and I had a crankshaft shop in Toronto repair it by welding and regrinding the journals for oversize (or is it undersize?) bearings. Ran me about $500 CDN. I'll see if I can dig up the name of the place for you - I'm pretty sure the name had the word "Crankshaft" in it actually... Bit of a headache though, given the confidence you had in the engine health and the professional rebuild that was done on it not so long ago. Wonder what would have caused the bearing failure?
  6. Be a nice upgrade for EFI folks that want to swap to wilder camshafts. The stock ECU is a huge bottleneck in such a case. Good stuff!
  7. Any updates? Or have you been too busy enjoying driving it? Weather permitting, hope to see you at Zfest!
  8. The guy that runs that business was at a local car show here a couple of Summers back. Based on my impression of how he presented himself, what he was driving, and his general demeanor when chatting, I would say that giving him your money and getting a quality product in exchange is very very unlikely. This was a pretty epic read as well though: https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/showcars-fiberglass-steel-bodyparts-unlimited-c10197.html
  9. That stitched leather looks really great! Looking at all of the soundproofing you have in there, it's going to almost be as quiet as a modern car inside I bet. Are you going with a molded carpet kit as well? Love those mirrors too!
  10. A video of the problem would help a lot. It's useful to see whats happening.
  11. That engine bay looks absolutely stunning!!! You must be getting close at this point. Most of the mechanical stuff looks about done, so just the interior to go?
  12. Looking forward to seeing it at the OZC swap meet then!
  13. Since I've been through a lot of oiling with the ITG air filter I use on my Z, I'll chime in. No Toil makes a great foam filter oil - you spray it on the dry (clean) filter generously, rub it into the foam carefully, then squeeze out the excess. The foam will be very sticky, and can make a little bit of a mess on anything it touches while installing, but that stickiness is what catches the dust and keeps the inside of your engine clean. The No Toil oil is nightmarishly difficult to wash off without a proper cleaner though, which they sell. Interesting stuff that cleaner, it's a powder that has a lovely burning sensation when you use it to wash the oil off your hands after forgetting to wear gloves when oiling... ITG has actually recently switched from recommending No Toil and now recommends "Rock Oil Factory Eco Foam". This oil is actually water soluble, meaning you can wash it using water and a touch of regular detergent. No need for a fancy foam filter cleaner. I'll be switching to it. Coast Fabrication in California sells it, good people.
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