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  1. If it's Pre 1974 get it insured as a " Modified Collector " car much more lenient with when and where you can drive it. The Provincial inspection may also allow for some more leeway in modifications. Check with your chosen Provincial Inspector. He's the one who signs the document and puts his Job License on the line.
  2. Actually, the marker lite delete could be a bigger issue than the heim joints. I had my inspection dome in BC on a car I bought from Ontario. So I know all of the exact details. Be aware . Do NOT take it to Canadian Tire what ever you do. They are idiots. Particularly the one in Port Coquitlam. Take it to a private shop that does Provincial inspections and understands Vintage cars. Unfortunately my guy left. But I used the Petrocan shop off of Austin and Blue Mountain in Coquitlam. Get on some of the racing forums, like SCCBC and REC Scene. and you can find some intelligent inspectors. VCMC forum might be a good spot to check as well. That's where I found my guy. You are always better off dealing with an inspector who is an enthusiast. On VCMC forum. Send " Crazy Canadian " a PM . He may be able to help you. He was the guys who inspected my Modded 280Z and he did a very thorough but fair assessment. His new job site apparently doesn't do Provincial inspections anymore, but he may be able to recommend a good Inspection Facility. Tell him " Chickenman" recommended you to him. Be aware that the Side Marker light delete will get you a fail. Some " other " peoples advice. Do it after the Provincial inspection. The Provincial Inspection is only done once. Again. Avoid Canadian Tire at all costs!!
  3. Thats what I did , I carried a Hagerty policy on the car the whole time I was doing the restoration, Once I was ready to put it on the road I got plates and insurance. I was living in Alberta at the time, and the car was from Alberta so I did not need a out of province inspection. But when I moved to BC I got a out of province inspection. It was quite simple and the staff at the garage were more interested in talking about the car than fretting over details. My car is fully stock so there were no modifcation issues. That said, I don't think that ICBC has much of a say in the inspection, only that the car has passed one. The inspection is for mechanical correctness and safety. In fact I still carry the Hagerty policy as well as the ICBC insurance, because the only answer I could get out of them to the question "what happens if the car is totalled in a accident" was a vague "you would get fair market value for the car".
  4. Thanks guys. I think i will continue with it id be silly not to. I spoke with an agent yesterday and they feel that provided im not doing some shady half arse work it should be fine. They gave me the inspection list so I can be sure I hit all the points. I've got a local guy with a bunch of cars. We might pull a fast one and switch some things around .... Well see Sent from my SM-N950W using Tapatalk

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