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  1. Chickenman

    valve stem seals

    Also known as " The Pit of despair "
  2. Blip at 11.5 seconds was just interference. Black vertical pen marks are beginning and end of Dyno Pull.
  3. Here is a scan of the AFR curve I made back in 2003. 355 cii SBC, mild camshaft. Made 346 RWHP nad 368 RW Torque. Figures later went up a lot higher with a bigger cam and different Intake Manifold. Car passed Air care and got 23 MPG on Hwy. Daily driver . Autocross, Hillclimb and Track Day car. Carb was very trick. Built it myself. Started with a Holley 3310-1 vacuum secondary. Added Holley HP Main body, Annular Boosters, Quick change Vac secondaries. Biggest change was Weber Power plates replacing Holley fuel blocks. This changed carbs from 2 circuit to 3 circuit using DCOE and IDA components. Emulsion Tubes, main Jets , Air bleeds etc. Dyno operator could not believe how flat and accurate the Fuel curve was. we had about a dozen cars at this Test Day. Mine was the only Carbureted car. All the rest were Tunbo Honda's Turbo BMW's and a couple of Corvettes thrown in. Most were stand alone EFI systems. EFI Tunes were all over the place ... just bad Tuners.
  4. It can be. But the easiest way is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj-Z33MO2Gk Maintaining a decent booster signal while not restricting flow is a major problem of a constant venturi carb. You can make really, really good carbs. Buy it costs $$$$ and lots of R&D time. Look at Nascar and Pro Stock NHRA. Warren Johnston was quoted as keeping over $150,000 worth of carbs in his hauler back in 2000. Each one setup up for varying conditions. Density, ambient temp, grains of air, track condition etc. They have no time between rounds to mess around with changing jetting , Emulsion tubes and air bleeds. Once they got a baseline with the new EFI, they could load a new tune in seconds. And it was much more consistent. Nascar found the same thing. No overall increase in HP ... but off corner driveability and fuel mileage greatly increased. The really big deal was Fuel mileage under yellow flag conditions. And Nascar doesn't even utilize the full potential of the McLaren system. ( No driver adjustable Maps like Indy Car, F1 and WEC )
  5. Chickenman

    fuel gauge accuracy 1975 280z

    This just came in very handy. My 1976 Fuel gauge has not been reading accurately ever since I had the fuel sending unit out. Now I know what to do. Also answers, that the Low Fuel light probably does not come on with the bulb check.
  6. Chickenman

    Mystery fuel warning light

    Bringing this back from the dead. But on a 1976 280Z does the Low Fuel light come on with the bulb test when ignition is turned on? Everything else does except the low Fuel Light. Pulled it out and tested bulb in its harness. It does work...
  7. Chickenman

    Sanden ac compressor on a 280zx mount

    In Canada we use 12-A which is a replacement for R12, which is now banned in Canada. 12A is sold by Red-Tek and Dura-Cool. Outperforms R134A and R12. Should be available in the USA. Been using Red-Tek products over 12 years. Great product. AC in my Audi blows 42F with R12a. Even my ancient 280Z AC blows freezy cold air. http://redtek.com/English/product.asp?ID=18
  8. Chickenman

    What is this??

    ^ Ah... that was a smart idea.
  9. Chickenman

    What is this??

    Those aren't really designed for EFI pressure. They are usually meant for lower pressure Carbureted motors. And they have a very small filtering area. Compare it to just a stock Nissan EFI Fuel filter in the engine bay. You would be much better off just using the Nissan Fuel filter..... IMHO I can't quite see if you have the stock Nissan fuel filter in place on the passenger side firewall. It looks like you may. If so, there is no reason for this additional glass filter. The other bad thing about glass fuel filters is they can shatter in an accident. Lovely way to start a fire . Really bad deal if you are knocked unconcious......
  10. Chickenman

    What is this??

    Not enough screen capacity and too small of filter media. It will cause a restriction at the pump inlet. Especially on high volume pumps. Personally, I recommend the Holley unit a lot. It has a decent size filter area, 100 microns and the 3/8" NPT fittings are nice. If you have AN fittings I really like the Aeromotive and Fuel Lab units.
  11. Chickenman

    What is this??

    Yes, you will get a Water hammer effect in return style EFI system. Particularly bad if you use a Multi Port Mode or Batch Fire Mode with Simultaneous injection and a single squirt that opens all injectors at the same time. Gets really bad with larger injectors. You can often see the pressure pulsing on the FPR gauge if you have large injectors and choose Batch Fire Simultaneous injection 1 squirt. Then change it to Alternating 2 squirts. Same amount of fuel injected per cycle ( 720 degrees ) but pulsations in fuel rail much less with 2 squirts alternating. A liquid filled FP gauge can mask this effect. And unless the have a bleeder compensation valve ( $$$ ) the Base reading will vary with engine bay temps. A good undamped ( non-liquid gauge ) is all that is really needed. A lot of the premium high performance EFI regulators are designed so that they operate as both a regulator and a damper. From what I've read on the Aeromotive and Fuel Tech sites.
  12. Chickenman

    What is this??

    Hitting the Big Red.... Don't Feed the Troll Button now.
  13. Chickenman

    What is this??

    This comes across as a slightly weird and rather insulting Question ZH. Not really any of your business. But I have nothing to hide and it's no secret: Advice is free. Tuning sessions are not. I've tuned several members cars on both Hybrid Z and Classic. And it's been mentioned enough times by Customers to seek me out and pay the very reasonable fee's for my services, that I find it hard to believe that you would not have noticed. Hence why I find this question slightly insulting. I offer Paid Remote Tuning sessions will full unlimited support to my Customers. And I have a steadily growing list of satisfied ( Paid ) clients. Just did three Remote Tuning sessions over the Easter weekend. One in Arizona, one in Chicago and one in New Zealand. I try treat these people in a Professional manner and as if they are personal friends. I offer Guarantees on services provided ( You aren't satisfied... you don't pay me. Simple ) , unlimited support after initial Tuning session, often for months after the original tuning session and also spend countless hours sorting issues out engine and hardware, wiring issues with the installs . I keep Logs of all E-mail messages, engine specs , Data Logs , Tune modifications on each individual "Customer ". Is it a Business? Well I never said that. If it was, it would be a very poor Business model as my Time invested with each Tune in no way equates to my Fee's charged. To me it's just an interesting Hobby. Something I'm good at and people recognise that. I can help out the Community while putting away a few extra dollars to pay for parts on my Z. I should make it a Business as I could get some big Tax write offs.... but that' a PITA for Paperwork.... and I'm just not that smart. Hope that satisfies your " Verification process "....
  14. Chickenman

    What is this??

    The Aeromotive link ( Tech article 101 ) that I provided explains things very, very well Fuel Lab and other HP Fuel supply companies all follow the same criteria. 24 Microns sounds way too small regardless of the advertising blurb. Especially if you are running a High performance Fuel pump with a lot of volume. Problem with that small of a filtering capacity, is that fine particles can plug up the Medium very quickly. Aeromotive and other high performance pump Manufacturers recommend a 100 Micron large capacity, non restrictive pre-filter ( or sock/strainer on Intank pumps ) and a 10 Micron large capacity filter post pump but before the injectors. Edit: Dave can you provide a direct link to the Fleetguard product. Hopefully with pictures and full specs. And what F/Pump are you using. Engine specs?
  15. Chickenman

    What is this??

    Holley makes a a couple . 100 Microns SS mesh with 3/8 NPT. So you can go with either hose barbs or AN fittings as you wish. 175 GPH : https://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/hly-162-553 100 GPH: https://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/hly-162-551

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