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  1. Oops.... just noticed that OP wanted 205/60 x15. Not much choice in that. Too tall of a tire IMHO. You would b much better off with 205/55 x 15 on a stock ride height car or 205/50 x 15 on a lowered car.
  2. Found 25 tires in 205/50 x15 at Tire Rack. Lots of selection. One of the best IMHO is the Continental Extreme Contact Sport. I have these on my 280Z ( 225/50 x 16 ) and I am very impressed. Awesome grip wet or dry. Very quite and comfortable. Decent price as well. Only $96.99 per tire. Which for a Max Performance Summer Tire is very good. 205/50 x 15 is a nice size for a Z as well. Tire Rack 205/50 x15 Continental Extreme Contact Sport 205/50 x15
  3. My 76 280Z with 225/50 x16 Continental Extreme Contacts DW's has VERY heavy steering. This was on Eibach springs. Front camber was about Zero if memory serves me correct. Installed coil overs and Camber plates. Have a small amount of negative Camber now. Maybe -1.0 to -1.5 degrees by eyeball. Haven't had a chance to take it in for an alignment yet. But holy cow... did that little bit of Negative camber lighten up the steering. I've found in the past that different brands of tires, even in the same size, have a very different steering feel and effort. It part of the construction of the tires ( Self Aligning Torque ). Had some Michelin X's on my 1971 240z . 195/60 x 14. ( We're talking mid 70's here ). Car steered like a dump truck. Oh lord was the steering heavy. Then I switched to some Vredestein 195/60 x 14's and it felt like 300 lbs had come off the front. Crisp and light steering. Just with a tire brand change. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self_aligning_torque
  4. I just adjusted my Clutch pedal lower on my 76 280Z. Worked out nice as it's now on the same level as the Brake pedal. You adjust the clutch M/Cyl threaded push-rod and the Clutch pedal stop.
  5. Could be a reversion issue. Could be a lot of things. I recently tuned a ITB setup with MS3 and it had a huge reversion issue ( Cam related ) at exactly 2,200 RPM. Had to lock Auto Tune out at those VE Values as it was going mental. The pulsations in the exhaust were throwing the O2 sensor out of whack. Reversion affects both Intake and Exhaust sides. One of the theories behind anti-reversion headers is to reduce Intake reversion pulses wit Independant Runner manifolds. It is also not uncommon to purposely leave a slight mis-match or step at the intake manifold side. IE: Make the Intake runner port just slightly smaller than the actual Port on the cylinder head. Since reversion pulses mainly travel along the outer walls of the runners, like a " Smoke Ring ", a small step at the runner circumference can reduce the strength of the pulse. But it all varies from engine to engine. Really complicated stuff and above my Pay grade...
  6. It was a T/Pipe bung, as are most Dyno setups. I don't think that was a big factor, as we also ran a test day on the same dyno with about 10 other cars. Most were EFI, and my curve was far flatter than any other cars. Some of the aftermarket EFI AFR curves were all over the place ... The tunable Vacuum secondary also helped smooth things out. The Vacuum secondary carb was really good in Autocross. Very smooth power delivery. I later built a double pumper with the same specs and parts. That was much more difficult to drive in Autocross, but proved to be slightly faster on Road Course and Hill climbs. In autocross you would just haze the tires if you got into the Secondaries too quick. Hill Climbs with weight transfer to rear tires and Road Races with higher cornering speeds, reduced the tendency to spin the tires on corner exit. So you could jump on the power quicker and harder.
  7. I have a 1976 280Z. Fuel sending unit and fuel lines are on the front side of the tank. ( 77 and 78 are on top ) I'm wondering if there is enough room on Top of the Fuel Tank to install a Tank Inc Universal kit? Anyone done this conversion on a 75 or 76 280Z tank?
  8. Running out of Gas at the wrong time cost me a head gasket on my 280Z...... Low fuel> Fuel slosh> Lean Detonation> Oh Snap!!!
  9. That picture should make people think about some of the published Data on some of the Flat Top pin. heights. I've always contested that the OZDat engine calculator has got the pin height wrong, as it calculates the piston crown as being below the deck surface. Same as the dished pistons. That is obviously incorrect. Very common for FT' to stick above the block deck approx 0.021" to 0.024" . And why you always check dimensions....
  10. These are very good injectors. Decent price as well. $165 per set of six. I've got these in my 280Z now. No issues at all. https://www.ebay.com/itm/75-76-77-78-79-80-81-82-83-Datsun-280Z-Fuel-Injectors-FJ707-Fj3-set-6/153115119000?fits=Model%3A280Z|Make%3ADatsun&hash=item23a65f4d98:g:9dMAAOSwJo1bX0Cs&vxp=mtr
  11. That flow rate is very low then. What could be happening is that the filter baskets in the injector are clogged and Napa didn't replace those. I had the same issue on some Audi injectors. Injectors flowed equally, but flow rate was very low. New filter baskets solved the problem.
  12. Standard flow rate for 280Z Non-Turbo injectors is 188 cc/min. That is measured at 37 PSI or about 2.5 Bar.
  13. FWIW...... the original Nissan Comp rear bars for the 240Z were mounted just like the ST kits. They seemed to work very well and I don't recall any issues. I ran the " Autocross " bars. 22 mm Front and 23m rear. Road Race was a bit bigger up front if memory serves me correct.
  14. Yes. That is the Mahle gasket number. Very impressed with quality. As good or better than the Nissan factory gasket IMHO. It has a really nice coating that seems to be self sealing. Some sort of synthetic. Mahle was a lot cheaper than Nissan as well. At least from Canadian Dealers and I get employee discounts still... The Nissan 14035-N3500 is the latest supersession and basically replaces everything else for an EFI gasket. I got the last 14035-P7100 gasket in Canada a while ago ( Round exh port N47/P79 gasket ) . That had metal plate on the exhaust side and was really nice.
  15. The Hexagon gaskets fir both round port and square Port heads and manifolds/headers. In fact that'a about all you can buy from Nissan these days. Mahle makes a very good Intake/Exhaust gasket. Multilayer, steel reinforced with some sort of self sealing surface. Order one for a 280ZX and Mahle will pop up. Otherwise if you choose 280Z, you will only get a choice of ITM and Felpro.
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