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chicks are effed


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man the ladies can be so effed. No offense to any on the site, however my 4 year live in GF that I was completely secure and under the impression that we were to marry has just ended things between us and is now dating the guitarist from a band that I was the archivist for....for over a year and a half!

even more efffed is that we are tied in a lease together until march :devious: :finger:

Looks like I will have plenty of time now to finish the car :mad:

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Originally posted by 2ManyZs

Can't live with them, can't live without them......:cross-eye :tapemouth

Yep, but every now and then they make the prospect of trying live without them seem like a viable option.

PS, You can always "RENT" one if you find that you REALLY "NEED" one. More fun, Less Hassles. What a concept!

PS: Sorry to hear the bad news St. Stephen

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I can sympathise, I've recently been pushed aside by my GF of 3 years, we purchased a car together but I let her keep it, even though I love it, I have 2 cars, didn't make much sense to have a third when she needed one. I miss Nessie, the 1976 Ford Escort MkII, 2 Door.


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I miss Nessie, the 1976 Ford Escort MkII, 2 Door.


Escort Mk11 - my first car. Where I learnt about oversteer and 'tuning' (in the loosest sense of the word). As a general knockaround fun car it couldn't be beat.:classic:

I'll stop hijacking this thread now:classic:


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