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  1. he provided a different perspective. dont take it personal dogma. different strokes for different folks.
  2. has anyone else noticed the vague similarity between the user name "boostedz" and the signature that ZmeFly used on this site, and on the Got-Z website??? "26 second turbo beast. Dogs dont like trucks they like booooooooost!" Now maybe some will say it isn't proper to point this out, but I find it odd that someone who wasn't around for all of the excitement (in real time) has such strong motivation to defend the slimeball in question and to call into question the motives of the people who had BALLS enough to stand up and try to warn others by presenting facts, and other information. I saved one of the other threads about ZmeScam before it was deleted by the "thought nazi's" and it's real interesting reading almost 2 years down the road. Here's a taste of what some of you missed. (bet this post doesn't last long either, so save it quickly and share it amoungst yourselves!)
  3. Finally, confirmation that everyone was scammed by James. Too bad that it appears he got away with his dishonesty. F' him....in the head......w/ an AK47
  4. I inherited a package of ZMAX products that my father purchased from TV before he died. I used them in his pickup truck. The only thing I noticed was that he wasted his money purchasing them.
  5. Since your engine is already on the stand, the Impact gun is your only choice to lock down the crankshaft, unless you remove the engine from the stand. Last time I needed to do this (with engine on a hoist), I slipped the long end of a HEX wrench into one of the holes in the block used to mount the trans, and turned the short end of the wrench inward until it engat=ged the teeth of the flywheel. That jammed the flywheel/crankshaft and I was able the break the harmonic balancer bolt loose with a 27mm socket and a looooong breaker bar..
  6. Is it possible that one or more valve seats have sunk (up) into the head?
  7. There is only one way to access the valves in order to see what is going on..................... (I think you know the answer to this one)
  8. Michelin to Refund ALL 120,000 (2005) Indy F1 Tickets
  9. What about Series III and Series IV (HLS30-U) 240Z's (III's produced from 10/71 through 08/72 and IV's produced from 08/72 through 08/73) http://zhome.com/History/DesignChanges.htm I guess we cannot partisipate.......
  10. Actually, according to NISSAN Service Bullitin #148, the F4W71B (commonly known as the Type "B" trans) was new for 1972 Model 240Z's (which are commonly called Series III) which began to be produced in Sept/Oct of 1971 http://zhome.com/History/DesignChanges.htm is also a reference for the information that the new transmission was introduced in Sept/Oct of 1971 in the Series III version of HLS30-U (North American market 240Z) If a "B" trans is found in earlier models of 240Z, I believe it would have been a transplant performed outside of the Nissan Factory.
  11. The 71 240Z that I used to own had them. (Nozzles, washer bottle and attached pump, ....everything) Here is my dumb question....Do you know where to look for the washer bottle, nozzles, etc? Just asking...no offense meant.
  12. I wouldn't consider this unless I could shave each of the bushings EXACTLY the same amount. JMO
  13. You won't hear that from my lips. I don't like him, period. But he's blameless on this issue, IMO. He and his Mum even had the decency to boycott the farcical trophy ceremony. He should file suit against the FIA and Bernie in order to recoup funds to refund ticket sales.
  14. Michelin should be fined and put on probation for coming to the USGP so ill prepared that it's tires were unsafe to compete. The FIA should have allowed a chicane between T12 and T13, even if it meant that the race became a non-points paying event. I disagree that the 1 set of tires per GP rule is good for the sport. In the example given in a previous post, if Kimi had trashed his tire and had to come in for an additional pit stop, his race would have been run anyway. Well, I agree with most of what you said, but Bernie and the FIA had an obligation to put on a show and they let it go all to hell. Michelin is not blameless, but there were options that could have been used to ensure a safe race for all drivers, and a show for the paying (and non-paying) fans Amen! Shame on them all. Michelin, Bernie & Max, and the FIA.
  15. Valves that are adjusted too tight don't make noise, but affect power output of the engine. The Slide Show linked below is a good introduction to adjusting valves on an L6 engine http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=999&gid=1803105&uid=786489
  16. A good example of a 240Z is certainly more than just a car, but if a particular car is in real bad shape and cannot be saved at reasonable expense (whatever that is to you), I'd look at it as euthanasia and an organ donation program. (so that others may live) I can understand a bit of hesitation at taking the first cut with a Sawzall, or doing something else from which there is no turning back, but at some point you have to make a decision, suck it up, and step forward on whatever path you've chosen for your car. Maybe I should have said "It's just ONE 240Z, there are others to be had." Don't eat lunch on the hood, they are in demand on eBay and in our Want Ad section
  17. Does anyone remember how truely horrible the track and races were when F1 raced at Caesar's Palace parking lot in Las Vegas back in the early 1980's? I hope a different venue can be found. PS, Bye Bye Max, don't let the door hit you in the arse.
  18. It's really depressing to hear how poorly the magazine is supported by S30 owners. I wonder how many of them pi$$ away more than $20 a year on things they could have learned FROM the magazine if they had only subscribed?
  19. There were several options that could have been utilized to ensure a real race occured. Thanks to the FIA and Ferrari, none of them were utilized. My favorite UK based news source for F1 information is http://www.planet-f1.com/ although there are many other sources.
  20. I agree with all you say. But there is one additional thing that I'd like to point out that neither of us has mentioned so far................ Danica didn't win this one either!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. It MAY be possible that different colors used different types of paint, but (no offense) I'll believe Nissan before I believe a non-Nissan source. Between Nissan and an outsider, who should know better what Nissan used?
  22. You have to figure out what size fittings the Vette stuff uses and if they are the same as the Hard Lines in the Z. If they aren't the same, you'll be looking for adapters to make it all work
  23. It's just a car, man. If it's too far gone to be a financially viable project, tear it apart & sell it's parts to save other cars from the same fate.
  24. Yeah, that IS funny. But not as funny as the same JACKASS (Bernie) allowing the 2005 USGP to be turned into a farce. As someone who truely hates Tony George, it pains me to say that he, AND THE PAYING SPECTATORS got royally screwed by Bernie the Buffoon. Let the Lawsuits begin!!!!
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