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  1. Yes (and yes). Both the intake and exhaust manifolds will bolt up to the N/A head. What's more important is that if you add a turbocharger is that you get the turbo head and cam. Then there is the ignition control, etc, etc,
  2. Yea, bolts right in. Use the speedo cog from the 77 and all is good!
  3. TKR514

    Head Installed

    The Fram filter was used ONLY to keep paint and dirt out of the engine during building. Nissan was used for break-in with straight 30W Castrol.
  4. TKR514

    82 Zx

    Thanks Mike! I'll give her a call tomorrow morning. I have never rebuilt a turbo engine before but I'd like the challenge. See ya,
  5. I'd pay more than that...but pics would dictate how much more. Can ya post a few to give me an idea? Also, I assume it's title is clear? I had some trouble with the last "quick sale" I bought. Basically a bitch and a half to get it registered and on the road w/o one.... Thanks!!!
  6. I'd be interested if ya had a ballpark figure on what you'd take. I'm looking for a restore project that needs work to get it going again. Thanks!
  7. TKR514

    82 Zx

    Where and how much? I might be interested if it's near Texas. THANKS!
  8. TKR514

    Nose to Nose

    Thanks! The Cheetah weighs in at HALF what the ZX does, 1400# Vs. 2800# for the ZX.
  9. TKR514

    Head Installed

    It was not bad at all. I followed the book "How to Rebuild Your Nissan OHC Engine" and that's the way they said to do it. This was my first engine and it seamed easy to get the timing all setup this way and then pop the front cover on.
  10. TKR514


    Bunch of Jerks... I can't believe that folks would bomb others like that for the simple reason of trying to making others affraid. Hope the are found and made accountable.
  11. The early Z's had "just enough" strengh to do the job without flexing too much. If you remove that upper member of the body, you remove that minimum strength in the top of the car and things might start bending if you drive it hard. The ZX had a "doubler" in the roof and heavier "B pillars" to carry that load between front/rear suspension a LOT better than earlier cars by design. Only guess is that you woulf need a similar structure to carry the loads and stresses that a ZX has. Here is someone that has the old add for one: http://www.classiczcars.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=9598
  12. Blue book in that States seems to be running about half that... Nice example of a 2+2 though.
  13. Pistons installed
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