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stock Zs, 240s especially


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One thing to keep in mind, is that most of us bought our Z's

From some one who could'nt keep there hands to them selves.

they wanted mags and mufflers, that sweet 13" steering wheel,

and the AM radio had no place in there car.

And the one thought on there mind was probably " I'll be damned if I'm keeping all this stock crap in my yard now that I customized my baby!"

So if your Z is almost bone-stock, your one of the lucky ones.

Did you buy it that way? Did you restore it? Or did you click your ruby red heals and say...............

" there's no car like Z, there's no car like Z, there's no car like Z"

Whats the story on your Z? let us know, I'll bet we're more interested than you think.


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I like my stock Z's but if i was to keep mine bone stock i probably wouldn't drive it either or at least not much.

I like stock alot so much so i almost went that way but modifying is good especially things like improving suspension. Changing cams, doing engine head work etc..

I like nice rims too the hubcaps are a taste not too aquired by myself. As i said i respect but I'd prefer to update my Z in the smaller ways while still keeping her with a good degree of originality.

I find originality isn't practical when it comes to things like hard to get parts such as the original engine bay hoses or stock tyres.

If i was to do so as i say she'd stay in a garage.

At the end of the day however if you like yours bone stock and it makes you happy then great I love to see a well looked after unmolested Z :).

Keep up the good work!!

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Stock zeds are rare,

I recently asked the members on this site for their opinions on whether I should modify my stock 260 or restore it.

The answer was unanimous, keep it stock....

The only problem now is where can I get an original am radio and alloy wheels. Gav makes a good point, parts are much easier to locate and the driving experience will be better in a modified car but there is a timeless beauty in an original classic.

Now I just need another zed to mess with....

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Like I said, I'm nt against modifying old car, I've hacked up a few myself, but mine's too nice to destroy. The story on my Z is that my folks bought it new, ran it in SCCA rallys in SoCal in the early 70s, and after that my mom just drove it every day until I finally got it in Feb of '02. Seeing as how it hasn't been changed for all these years, it would seem a good idea to keep it original even now. The thought of a set of 16 in Panasports, a big nasty cam, lowering springs, headers, and on and on has certainly crossed my mind but I've restrained from doing it. As it is now, it's a well balanced car, not overly powerful, but the handling and power balance is good. I have other toys to go too fast with.


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Modify it all you like, but be smart and keep all the original parts to return it back to stock if you want to. Dont modify anything that you cant put back to original.

eg, dont cut out the guards and put Z432R flares on it.

If you want a hot engine, put your original L24 in storage, and drop in a L28 that you can modify all you like. Swap the suspension, etc, just hang on to the original bits.

If you enjoy looking at your Z and thinking wow what a beautiful car, put it in a glass case and never drive it.

If you enjoy driving it, up grade the suspension and braking and power and have fun driving it.

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I bought mine when they were common and changing it was the only way to make yours stand out from the rest.

Unless there is a big swing in collector interest the value of an all stock Z isn't much more than one that has been "improved". I know that mine isn't worth any more than I paid for it 20+ years ago, so all in all it was a bad investment if I was looking to make some money.

Those that want to keep it stock should be very grateful to those that have spent so much time modifying Z's, without that type of aftermarket interest it would probably be tough finding any kind of part for early Z's.

In the end it is "your" car, keep it stock or modify it, make it the way "you" want it to be.

BTW, I'm thinking of maybe a orange w/black tiger stripe paint job on my 240, anyone ever seen anything like that before??

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No really, one of the world's air forces (maybe Germany?) painted a bunch of F-16's orange w/black tiger stripes for some kind of competition/demenstration and they looked really cool. Sort of driving a tiger instead of having one in the tank??

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