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  1. Just as a note, you can get a fully rebuilt dizzy at NAPA for the cost of a new module and it comes complete. I went this route as with 72ZDave there are no Datsuns in the JY's here any more...
  2. Yes freeze it, at work we did something similar but used CO2 or nitrogen because it was fast and handy.
  3. Ha, don't think I want to drive all the way to Bolivia I will miss them both but the BMW more, it is such a refined ride... I'm afraid that transportation after retirement will be something a little more utilitarian, roads will be something that you create were I plan to be Anyone have a H1 to trade?
  4. There ya go, that's a response I like. How about I send them to you for scanning/preservation then you get them back to me and I'll put the up for the collector that wants the originals on ebay. PM me your address and I'll send them off. Lance
  5. Serious like a heart attack In a way I'm sad to say it but this spring I hope to have my Z complete and sold...
  6. In 848 days, yes I'm counting, I will be 55, my youngest son will have graduated and I'm retiring to somewhere south of the Texas border, taking only a suitcase. So as you can see saving them is not an option. I have less than that amount of time to either sell, throw, or give away everything that won't be fitting in a suitcase and I started a month or so ago...
  7. Digging through some post divorce clutter trying to make room for a new life I've come across about a years worth of Z Club Bulletins Jan 82-83 from the Z Club of America and some old Bob Sharp racing catalogs probably from the same time frame. I know some of you guys collect stuff like this, though it is of no interest to me. So is there a value to this or is it just old crap? Should I take the time to ebay it or just toss it out with the other dumpster items??
  8. Maybe it's just old age but I'm full of doubt anymore anytime someone tells me I need to replace something that is working "for my own good", be it the government or some other sanctioning body. Anytime I have to spend my money replacing something "for my own good", deep research typically shows that the money going out of my pocket is filling someone else's, showing that money spent "for my own good" really ends up being for someone else's own good... Something that comes to mind is tires BTW, last I heard, "they" say you need to replace tires once they are 6 years old, worn out or not... sounds like another way to get us to spend our money... I know, I know, it's for my own good.....
  9. You are kidding right, you don't really believe that do you??? What you need to do is follow the money and you'll see the reason we are constantly having to spend money replacing things that are working just fine, and it's not just helmets.
  10. Looks great Except! You'll want to strip the paint out of the oil cap threads otherwise you might find the cap sort of permanent once the oil and engine heat gets to it!
  11. LanceM

    lead filling

    I would MIG them shut, wouldn't take but a few seconds a hole.
  12. I have a fiberglass front air dam, otherwise all stock, been running it that way since '79 or so. I'm not sure what the off set is but could measure them if you want as I have the wheels off the car right now.
  13. I have appliance wire look mags in 14 X 7 that I run 235-60's on with no rubbing
  14. Epoxy primer is the only way to go, but you will need a spray gun to put it on it's not available in a rattle can. As stated above regular primer isn't going to protect the metal.
  15. I buy all of my tires online and with having 5-6 vehicles around one of them always seems to need tires. To get around the mounting problem I bought a manual tire mounter and a bubble balancer. For what it would have cost me to have a set done I have the equipment to do it myself. I can mount and balance 4 tires in about an hour.
  16. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19735 Save money and go with the HF gun, and then pick your powders. Buying the kit costs more, and you will probably get colors you will never use.
  17. Stick a couple of flat washers on the studs first then for sure the nuts won't bottom out.
  18. LanceM

    Rust Problem!!

    That's not good. The spray foam is a bad idea too as it holds moisture against the metal. I would say you are going to have to replace a lot of metal to do it right and I sure wouldn't drive it untill it was fixed right! You hit something with that right tire and it could fold right back.
  19. I was told to store it on edge like you are thinking, luckly I have an upstairs in my shop and have it up there leaning against a box on the floor...
  20. Sounds like 2 things. Warped rotor, feel any pulsing in the brake pedal? 2. Sticking caliper, which would cause a warped rotor.
  21. I would start with bleeding the master and going back, an air bubble in the master will do that and getting it out trying to bleed the system is almost impossable.
  22. It's my understanding that all ZX cars had the r-200, considering the cars are together the speedo gears would be a good indication of the ratios. This may help: http://www.geocities.com/inlinestroker/ratio.html
  23. They are available at the parts store, little pricey, $42 at rockauto.com, might be cheaper in the long run to buy a rebuilt dizzy.
  24. I'm with Arne, My 73 came with the appliance wheels when I bought it in 79 and the caps were nothing but rust then and that was in Calif!
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