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Radiator upgrade


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My 3 core radiator has developed a slow leak (where it was repaired once before), so it is time for an upgrade. Has anyone bought an all aluminum crossflow like Griffin that was an "easy" fit? I have some fabrication ability, but don't want to reinvent the wheel.

Looks like Griffin has one that is 26 X 19 that might work.


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How much does the Griffin cost? Unless you're really looking to save a little weight you might consider a 4-row radiator from MSA for $260:


They also now offer an Aluminum radiator for $459:


I think I'd rather go with something that's made to fit rather than something that requires a bit of farbrication.

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Hmmm. I didn't know that Motorsport Auto had an all aluminum one. They don't give much info on the website...

Here is the one I am looking at:


It is all aluminum and crossflow. It's 189 + shipping. I guess they are tempting because of the price, but unless someone else has had luck making one fit, I'm in no hurry to fabricate everything.


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I had bought one of those universal aluminum radiators from Summit for my Camaro. I came to the quick conclusion that to mount it would take way too much modification. I wanted my car to look/be original (at least structurally! ;) ) save for the all aluminum rad. I sent it back and ordered the custom fit radiatior made by BeCool. I love it. Fits like a glove and the car runs much much cooler than before. So in my opinion, spend the extra money for the custom built radiator. You will be happier with it. Good luck


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Most of the aluminum radiators you can get are about $180 -- they do require you to fabricate some type of mounting brackets. Try Afco-Behrents... they have about the best prices I've found. The radiators are about the same width, but are taller by a couple of inches.

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