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Wanted: 280zx 2+2 Body.

280zx Fever

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I have a 2+2 Fairlady 79 Model with front end damage that i bought for a project..ie swap the engine and transmission into another S130..

Ive come to the conclusion that to fix the damage on this ZX is too much for myself to take on. It would mean i have to cut into the wheel arch and chassis to straighten out the damage thats where the brunt of the force was taken.

So if anyone has straight 280zx body with panels and glass id be happy to pay up around the $400 mark for a good example.

Rust isnt a real issue but aslong as it isnt structual..

Im in Mandurah Western Australia. Id prefer to get one in WA but if a cheapy comes up out of state ill think about it.

Also if it hasnt got a diff or gearbox is no real problem.

So yeah ill pay up too $400. Im also intersted in a 240z-260z-280z but would prefer the 280zx.


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i would settle for a 240-260-280-280zx for the swap.

I got a reply from Steve.G this is what he has.

1/. 1979/06 HGS130 124225 L28E393158 this is manual 5 speed Hardtop 3.7

rear end 158000 km with fair interior Gold in colour straight rough

interior some rust to be fixed, all glass, all panels undented, tops of

turrets not inspected. Driveable.

$500 NSW rego was ACH30T Last on road July 2003.

Dash pretty rough and cracked.

2/. 1979/05 HGS130 120912 L28E automatic with 3.55 rear end 180000 km more

rust than above driveable gold in colour rusty guards rust stopped at bottom

and fixes commenced, tops of turrets need some work. All glass, drivers

doors needs a latch, turret has rust. have complete spare unrusted turret.

Vic rego was FAW 777 it is also hardtop.

$500 last on road June 2003. One crack line on dash otherwise fine.

3/. 1980/05 HGS130-170469 L28E 515805 red Targa Top 180,000 kM engine runs

well, needs exhaust fixed same rust spots on turret tops and on lower

guards. Guards removed and rust fix started, looking good. Automatic,

interior ratty bits and pieces missing. All glass ok. Left guard and bonnet

was crunched, sub chassis appears OK and a replacement guard and bonnet is

supplied that we got from the rolling chassis. Dash complete but a bit


$500 NSW PUV 250 Best bargain I suggest.

4/. 1982/05 mark 2 Blue targa Top HGS130-211245 150,000 kM short engine

only, all panels straight, left guard off and rust repairs commenced, has

radiator, bonnet is a bit rusted at front. Interior is silverish velour

also a bit rough. Dash complete but cracked.

Would need N42 head to make go, or I have whole engine here I could throw


$500 NSW REGO VEJ952

Toll IPEC and K and S LAke City Freighters would be worth a request to ship

a car.

otherwise I would be prepared to trailer it to the SA/WA border if you

wanted to come over to the same border with a trailer.

My advice initially as much as I can help with a restorer is to browse the

trading post each Friday.

My last was a complete car and an extra engine and gearbox for $550.

I bought another the red one for $600 and used the seats and some trim.

I may have spent over budget but have a virtual supermarket to pick and

choose anything I need .

My 2 restores have come up good.

The white one is for sale for around $3000-4000 obo it is fully restored

brakes, suspension, interiro, June 1982 Mark 2. 180.000 KM with rebuilt


The red one is not available and is insured for $10,000. I bought it for

$2500 and spent three months on it and nowe it is worth while.

I agree that straightening up the chassis is a hard thing to do and should

be done by a professional.

Talk to me some more maybe I can find you something you need if I can't help

from here.

Can take some photos for you this weekend.

Steve g

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I almost bought a 280zx in bits a couple of months ago for the L28 engine. But decided not to. The owner was asking $500.

On the weekend I was crusing around my suburb and spotted what i think was the same car outside a house. Its just the chassis, no bonnet, etc.

I Could drop in for you and see if the owner wants to sell it. I figure they probably bought it for parts if it's the same car, as it was incomplete.

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