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  1. I found an in situation photo here if that helps identification: http://www.viczcar.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=846&fullsize=1
  2. I took some more photos as suggested. The plug on the engine harness side is looks like it is pinned the same as the '77 280Z diagram for the Seat Belt/Starter Relay, however the wires do not go to the corresponding locations. For instance the black wires are both ground as mentioned earlier which is incorrect to the '77 diagram. I did notice that the Green/Yellow has a break out wire possibly near the starter with female bullet terminal on it, perhaps this was the starter input? I also included a photo of the relay plug for reference.
  3. I thought so too, however the starter wire goes in but does not come out again like in the diagram. Worst case I will just throw it out and wire the starter wire directly to the starter motor, however I would have like to understand it first. Thanks for your help so far.
  4. Engine harness side is the plug pictured. I will modify this post when I get home for the pin numbers, however the colours are as follows and where I have traced them to: Black - Ground Black - Ground Green/Yellow - Dashboard Black/Yellow - Ignition Switch (starter) I only assume this engine loom plug and relay plug mate together as they are the only mating plugs in the area I can see. I had everything documented in photos but had a hard drive failure. Thanks
  5. Sorry, this is a '77 Australian 260Z which means non-EFI but all mixed up with some of the US 280Z "improvements".
  6. If anyone knows what this relay/device is here in my picture next to the voltage reg it would be great. I can only guess that the 7 pin round plug in the second photo connects to it as its the only one in the area even though half the wires are missing and the colours dont match. The real fun part for me is the starter wire from the ignition switch is the black/yellow that runs to the plug and never comes out again so I'm stumped as to how the old motor used to start. Probably a very obvious answer out there... NOTE: RHD car so wire colours may differ
  7. Turns out the EFI didnt get sorted and the car came back with not much changed but the gearbox mount.
  8. Isn't the dash illumination on the same circuit as the parklamps? I have heard of people adding a relay to the parklamp circuits, similar to the headlamp relay upgrade. This would improve current flow (brightness) to your dash lights as well as parklamps. Sorry if this is already common knowledge.
  9. I'm finding a bit of a drought in regards the Z wreckers with stock at the moment, it seems we have come to an age where all the guys in this business with these cars are slowly retiring! I'm in desperate need of a '74 2 seater parts car, condition doesn't matter. Any good wreckers still in operation?
  10. Back after an even longer stay in Japan (almost 1 year)! Finally those pesky gearbox mounting points are off the car and the engine/gearbox can be fitted freely Only negative point is that I didnt do it I bit the bullet and finally took the car to some professionals to get the gearbox mount and EFI system sorted. Cowardly I know.
  11. I can only find one photo of my floor online, and it is just short of showing the rear seat mounts. What it does show is the emboss pattern in the front-cross is different than anything else I can find in the galleries. All the photos in the galleries have 2 squares embossed into the front cross, where as you can see my car has a circle-square-circle. I am wondering if this give any indication into the seat mounting type? You wouldnt mind checking if you seat rail type corresponds to your front cross shape would you? Sorry to ask. Alternatively, if any other aussie readers have a '77 2 seater, input would be great. Thanks
  12. Thanks for your informative reply! I have been living in Japan for around a year now and am on my way home at the end of the month. I have a shipping allowance from my company, so that why I am looking to pick up these sorts of heavy/awkward parts Anyhow, looks like I have more research to do, although my car is on the other side of the world.
  13. Hi all, I am looking to buy some seat rails in japan to bring back to Australia for my car, however they come in 3 models here apparently due to different bolt spacing: 69-73 74-76 76-78 Now my 260Z is a '77, however I am thinking that an Australian '77 is more than likely a Japan/US '76. I dont think the 280Z was sold in Japan, but maybe the chassis differences were carried over into the domestic 260Z's. Basically my question would be, has anyone found any seat rail differences between the Z's back in Australia, especially the 260Z's? Thanks
  14. Yep, I am not sure if it is the same side as the LHD cars, but the Idea should be the same. Excuse the dirtiness, I plan on re-covering the harness with new protection once the car is the way i want it. As a bit of trivia, looking at the harness part number label I found I work for the company that made these.
  15. Sorry, I cant see any picture posted? The area around the rear 1/4 where the harness goes into the roof is confusing me a bit, I seem to have too much slack for some reason.
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