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  1. beat this, in a local magazine - AutoTrader - a guy is advertising a Holden FJ Ute *original* for $50,000 tell him he is dreaming
  2. ill rub some salt in the wound with my mates L20b dyno results.. its got twin 45mm dcoe webers. stage 3 crow cam genie extractors 4into 1 design 2inch exhaust. it kinda makes your l28 results look like wet fish.
  3. I am SURE your local nissan dealership can order the parts for you !!! heck i could get parts for my little A Series motor.. ! and thats older then a Z
  4. 35mm webers ? or 35mm chokes ? P40 head isnt the turbo unit.. p90 is the l28t head.
  5. 280zx. I have 2 in my back yard plans are to do one up but if one came that was licenced i would restore that one... Time will see.
  6. Sorry but id rather buy a 240-260z for that much...
  7. What price you looking at for the 280zx ?
  8. Came accross this fromthis website. My question is now... are the pistons the same from non turbo dished to turbo dished ? i know the rods are and the rings are differnt and the oil pump what elese ?
  9. 280zx Fever


    neesd a bit of spruce up
  10. And to think i was going to go up do'h look what i missed out on !
  11. mellow 1st and formost would be to tell us what engine u have L28E dah... i mean castings on the block F54 Block with flat tops and N42 Small Chamber head will give u a kick in pants 10:1 compression. Is the car auto or manual ? that will determine the ratio diff if its stock... stock manual i think is 3.08 and auto is 3.90 good luck
  12. damn good book too best $30 i spent in a while
  13. Sounds like its running rich... What colour was the smoke ?
  14. Anyone actually driven a Auto with a stall and shift kit ? Much better then manual.. launch harder shift better and are still great for town work... in traffic and all... just pick your stall right dont want to be doing 5,000rpm @ 100km/h ps... Auto's do better burnouts
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