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Black plastic things???


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Well 16 years ago when I painted the car I put these black plastic things in a safe place, so safe that I can't find them.... Where can I get new ones or does anybody have a parts car that wants to sell them???

They are the plastic bushings that fits under the windshield in the body where the (the correct name escapes me) grill that the windshied wipers poke through fit into in the back, screws hold it in the front....


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I believe that you're talking about the little tabs on the back of the cowl cover that fit into plastic receivers that fill holes under the windshield, right? You're looking for those black plastic receivers. If so, I believe you could get them either at MSA or from Victoria British. Or, try Chloe at midwestZ (Midwest Z [[email protected]]).

I don't think they're hard to find.

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Cowl Panel Receivers, part 34-1186 on page 105 of MSA's catalog for 2.44 each. Note that MSA's catalog is old, and the prices and availability are suspect. Call to find out. For Victoria British, they are part 59-134 on page 12 of the 2003 Spring/Summer Catalog for $2.95. I have found that VB's prices are more up to date. Trying to find things in these catalogs is an art form unto itself!

Good luck!

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When you do get them, and are ready to install, take a close look at the receiver from the side. You'll note that the flange on the entry side of the tub is at an angle to the body of the receiver. The SHORT side or the lower side of the angle goes towards the windshield and mates to the angle of the sheet metal.



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