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The car is back from the body shop with new paint!


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Rarely seen a 240z with this kind of PERFECT panel gaps!  You did a extraordinary job!!  

My hawk eyes only saw one little imperfection..  No not worth mentioning.. (0:35 min)

PLEASE ignore because i think this is the best 240z bodywork i have seen EVER!!!

I think you are (Like as me sometimes) a perfectionist, and that's not always easy...

We call this: een muggezifter!  (translated:  a nitpicker or critic.) 


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14 hours ago, inline6 said:

Three on the exterior and two on the jambs and back sides.

With 3 coats you have lots of thickness to "guild the lily" if you felt like it, given the smoothness of the surface you have, you could start blocking with 1500 grit and work down to 3000, then a final cut/buff.  The result would sharpen the edges of the reflection to a true mirror image. If you ever got the showcar/trailer queen bug that would be the next step.

Personally I don't think I would want to risk it if the car was mine, it is already many times better than anything Nissan ever put out.  Looking forward to the fully assembled photos!


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