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new seal locations


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I am putting all new seals on car. The ones around rear hatch areas are giving me trouble. They dont wanna stay put. 

Any tricks of the trade? I am thinking i need a lot of clamps and do a little at a time, let it dry, then do a little more. 

I have the 3M weatherstrip adhesive. Just hate using it....it gets everywhere.  

Do ya'll put a dab into the weatherstrip channel or on along the hatch lip?

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Even using the 3m stuff I have struggled. The paint shop sold me some black urethane they said would hold anything.  Haven't really tested it yet.

Yes, lots of little clamps but not too strong or the seal will glue down with a pucker at every clamp

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20 hours ago, Wally said:

all new seals on car.


20 hours ago, Wally said:

They dont wanna stay put. 

In fact what your saying is they are to small (diameter)? What brand is it.. they should make it a bit bigger.. (Complain about it!) 

If i ever needed to glue them i use some black window/glass sealer IN the rubber.. other ways it gets a mess fast..

3M has 2 types (I believe.. not sure of it is 3M but at my painter) i had 2 sorts of black stuff.. one hardens and one does not..

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